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  1. deacdd says:

    yes what they do in 2006? bloody hell

  2. 02chevyguy says:

    @brandenburg2388 Nah…the “robot” would be KITT’S prototype, KARR (Knight Automated Roving Robot…KARR if you prefer).

  3. brandenburg2388 says:

    @02chevyguy lol…I always knew his parts would end up recycled into another good robot.

  4. 02chevyguy says:

    @brandenburg2388 He was taken back in time, put in a crusher, and some of his parts were used when they developed the KNIGHT 2000 (but you can call him KITT)! :)

  5. pcramer1960 says:

    Mark Goddard had a credited role in the movie. A fairly ‘large’ part compared to Angela Cartwright and Marta Kristen who had only a few seconds each.

  6. soleitequila says:

    Oh my god era mi serie favorita cuando era niña, qué emoción!

  7. DoctorLawyerWhatever says:

    One of my neighbors purchased the fulll-scale mock-up of the Jupiter II at auction. Has it permanently placed to the rear of his property. I’ve been through it on several occasions. Quite interesting.

  8. carloss1960 says:

    In 1:11 & 1:14 was Penny Robinson pregnant?
    Didn’t Mark Goddard play a cameo in the movie remake of Lost In Space?
    I think they should remake the series, just like they made Star Trek: Enterprise. I think with today’s effects it would be the bomb.

  9. redsurfspider says:

    Gosh I grew up watching this show,it was my favorite, Iove the robot and all the characters,and effects. They just don’t make em like that any more…

  10. weagley49 says:

    man thank’s for the up date…

  11. brandenburg2388 says:

    Btw, what happened to the lovable Mr. Robot?

  12. brandenburg2388 says:

    @windstorm1000 the show was my version of “Star Wars” in its heydays.

  13. windstorm1000 says:

    What can one say about this beloved show that millions of us grew up with? One of the best tv series of all time. Better than Star Trek cuz this show had camp value as well as space adventure.

  14. lindaharris26 says:

    Nice job…thanks for the flash-backs!

  15. hippiegirl58 says:

    Love this show. I met the whole cast at a collectible show in 1990. Guy Williams had already passed. They are all down to earth, very nice people.

  16. chesley69 says:

    I though this was a “Where are they now?” update? What is this photo montage deception?

  17. danzamphi says:

    @straker2 When season three was good, it was really good. However, when it was bad, it was REALLY bad. I will say it was the prettiest season, what, with those vibrant colors, great new costumes, updated late ’60s hairstyles, a plethora of new Jupiter 2 action scenes, and that unforgetable opening theme countdown sequence.

  18. NorthStar20121 says:

    Season 1′s “Mr. Nobody” was the best episode of the series.

  19. Shmenkaare says:


    Thanks for pointing out my error 70sLuvr59…I kept trying to find it to edit it from Nancy to Veronica. Both of these sisters had/have an innocent beauty about them that is not quantifiable. I had a big time crush on Penny Robinson with those big doe eyes of hers…. :D

  20. 70sLuvr59 says:

    @Shmenkaare Yes, Angela’s sister did play Lambert on Alien, but her name is Veronica Cartwright not Nancy. Veronica Cartwright also played the little girl, Cathy, on Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” :-)

  21. Shmenkaare says:


    Nancy is her sister who was the scared spacer on the original Alien film…last name of “Lambert”; the one Yaphet Kotto had the hots for in the movie and gets wasted by the Alien trying to save her scared behind. When I saw the movie in 1980 I was telling everyone it was Angela Cartwright…turns out I had the wrong one. They look very similar except Nancy is a strawberry blond.

  22. Shmenkaare says:


    I think he was referring to a TV show not that dreck of a movie back in 98.

  23. Shmenkaare says:


    Yes that is what I read as well. I grew up during that era and Batman was all the rage with its campy rendition of Batman. All of the TV stars and then some wanted to at least have a cameo on that show. After watching an episode of each, I can say first season LIS stands up much better than any season of Batman

  24. Shmenkaare says:


    Well if it means anything the guy was married to a woman for several years and had kids with her. So he could have just been playing an effeminate character. The early B & W episodes show him as this dark double agent bent on double crossing the family. He was an enemy agent and was quite butch on the surface, but when faced with unexpected terror would punk out.

  25. Shmenkaare says:


    His designation was Robot B-9; the character says it in a season two episode.

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