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Lone Ranger, The (TV)

Starring Clayton Moore as the masked man and Jay Silverheels as the faithful sidekick Tonto.

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25 Responses to “Lone Ranger, The (TV)”

  1. sovbo101 says:

    Right on.

  2. sovbo101 says:

    @spathfinder34089 Me too.

  3. HardRockDrummer666 says:

    @elc1960 BILL COSBY on GEORGE LOPEZ Tonight did a piece where he researched the name KEMOSABE and said he had asked several indians what the translation meant. They had no word like that. I can’t remember what Spanish based language he said, but it broke down to mean: He Who Knows Nothing! He never saw the Lone Ranger quite the same after that, he said. “Hey! Stupid!” and “What?! He who knows nothing!!” put a whole different twist on the show… I laughed my ass off at that…

  4. DancinInTheDark13 says:

    possibility of this movie being filmed in, small town, bisbee arizona?

  5. tigerssixty says:

    Where does the Lone anger take his garbage?
    To the dump, to the dump, to the dump dump dump(repeat to the theme)

    Thanks. Loved the LR, Silver, Tonto and his horse Scout))

  6. URProductions says:

    @elc1960 booo

  7. elc1960 says:

    @sueric123 LOL – I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Dubya wasn’t wearing a Lone Ranger mask and white cowboy hat when he made the decision to invade Iraq. Probably had the whole damn costume in his closet.

  8. elc1960 says:

    @tigersharka I’m reminded of a sketch from the Tonight Show in the early ’60s where Jay Silverheels played Tonto at an employment agency looking for work. Carson goes “Why did the Lone Ranger fire you?” Tonto replies: “Him find out what ‘kemosabe’ means!”

  9. elc1960 says:

    Why do the studios insist on making movie remakes of this show that consistently bomb? Please leave well enough alone; you had Clayton Moore andJay Silverheels. Doubtful you could find anyone to equal their portrayals of the Lone Ranger and Tonto. (BTW – did anyone at the studio realize back then that “Tonto” was Spanish slang for “dummy”?)

  10. dandydon777 says:

    There was only one Lone Ranger and one Tonto; Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.Those of us who lived in the fifties are so thankful we were able to watch these heroes each week. It was indeed the best TV program of the 50′s.

  11. lneranger4 says:

    the best saturday show,not like the violent shite seen now,innocent and good

  12. lneranger4 says:

    the best saturday show,not like the violent shite seen now,innocent ang good

  13. mentokthemilfspunker says:

    @mentokthemilfspunker I know. I was quoting Adam Sandler’s reply in the movie. lol take care man.

  14. scottieman2 says:

    @mentokthemilfspunker It’s from the movie Air Heads. There is this three man band called the lone rangers with an ‘s’. So he questions why it’s plural when there is the three of them meaning they’re not alone.

  15. mentokthemilfspunker says:

    @scottieman2 No Idea what your saying man…

  16. scottieman2 says:

    The Lone Rangers!! Wait, how can you pluralize the Lone Ranger? There’s three of you. You’re not exactly not alone.

  17. FASTLIGHTNING1 says:


  18. musicalrich1 says:

    What’s great about this show for the parents is the Lone Ranger used proper English, good manners, and please realize no one got killed! All the bandits were rounded up & brought to justice! Just as the grateful townies wanted to express their gratitude, he & Tonto rode away. We usually heard : “Who was that Masked Man & i wanted to thank him”…

  19. YOU2UUB says:

    Clay Moore is the one and only lone ranger. He made the show. The others did not even come close.

  20. brism32 says:

    Good heavens! This really does bring back memories of the early/mid 50s. We couldn’t afford a telly at the time so we went around to a neighbour who could. Programme choice was somewhat limited at the time; there was BBC and…er….bugger all else. ITV had yet to penetrate our neck of the woods. Eventually, we did get a telly; rented of course, as most were in those days. Seven shillings and sixpence a week (37p). Picture drifting left and right, up and down…oh the fun of it!!

  21. weightmaster98 says:

    I think John McCain was watching The Lone Ranger during his embarrassing run for Prez. And considering who he picked as a running mate, McCain had a lot in common with The Lone Ranger.

  22. tigersharka says:

    Hi Yo Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels….forever champions for morality and truth. Surely missed, but never forgotten.
    Thanks Kemosabe

  23. stick5391 says:

    for a boy livin on a farm this show was wat u daydreamed about i love the lone ranger

  24. thegrandsockslide says:

    were doing a 50′s show and i got the part of TONTO and it ROCKS!!!!!!!

  25. trayguy says:

    would love to get my hands on the whole sereies not to mention the other western series from back then.

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