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Lone Ranger, The – Trailer (1956)

A greedy, deceitful rancher stirs up trouble with a local Indian tribe, creating a dangerous, hostile climate. Only the Lone Ranger and his faithful friend, Tonto, can prevent a savage war from breaking out.
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  1. CarlDuke says:

    Wonderful clip. The Lone Ranger TV series was so successful (after much success on radio), that it led to the production of two big screen color movies in the 1950s. This clip is from the 1956 movie simply called The Lone Ranger. A second movie followed in 1958 called The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold. Ironically the villian in the first movie was played by Lyle Bettger one of Clayton Moore’s closest friends. Bettger also played the evil Ike Clanton in Gunfight at the O K Corral.

  2. citationxbjfv says:

    @harrymarklin in spanish TONTO means ,,,dumb,,,

  3. pylgrym says:

    Claytom Moore wrote “I was That Masked Man” – a touching tale… visit the outdoor site of the cavendish Ranger ambush near Lone Pine, CA at Alabama Hills….

  4. joesphx19 says:

    By God what you said is sheer brilliance. Thank you for your words, it’s at least encouraging that we are not alone.

  5. RJBFIRECHIEF1 says:

    @is1531 You sure got that right!

  6. lhr1967 says:


  7. harrymarklin says:

    In spanish version TONTO is changed for TORO.
    The World needs more Lone Rangers and Tontos.
    El Mundo necesita más LLANEROS SOLITARIOS Y TOROS.

  8. SuperLou63 says:

    Your right…we need more lone rangers and Tonto’s!

  9. TheTallMan35 says:

    @is1531 Does any one know what Tonto means in spanish? It means fool, idiot. Sorry, we have too many fools in this world as it is.

  10. alexandrehilton says:


  11. diddymuck says:

    while the tv show was a trifle repetitious and cheap, this motion picture version was incredible! exciting, dramatic, truly violent…almost on a par with spaghetti westerns!…and had a remarkably satisfying resolution. see it if you can. accept no substitutes.

  12. TheTexn says:

    Quite different than the lessons taught to our children on the big screen today. The results are no longer pending. They are nigh at hand.

  13. rangeclerk says:

    Tonto and the Long Ranger—they were the First One-Adam-12 of the West!

  14. 45corleone says:

    I recently watched this movie and it lives up to the hype of the trailer’ and in it’s portrayal of native americans it was very progresive; maybe the fact that Clayton Moore believed in the values of The Lone Ranger and his real life friendship with Silverheels came through for the film

  15. sonofa76 says:

    I MISS AMERICA………………

  16. joesphx19 says:

    Some ’50s shows were filmed in color. It was in anticipation of color television. Many who watched the original series never knew it was in color since most American families didn’t buy color tvs in any great quantity until about 1963. Another program that also was filmed in color was Superman.

  17. downhill240 says:

    @msm2you The story went that he became the “Lone” ranger after he and a bunch of his fellow rangers were ambushed and he was the only one to survive. It also explains the mask. He didn’t want those bad-guys to know he was still aliveso he took the persona of the masked Lone Ranger. I grew up on this stuff! LOL

  18. OaGuardian says:

    @rubroxato88 John Hart replace Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger for the 3rd season and part of the fourth. They brought Clayton back when people didn’t care for John Hart’s portrayal. Clayton finished out the series until it was cancelled. He made personal appearances as the Ranger for decades after that. In pictures, postcards, and his star in Hollywood, he is the only actor who is listed with his name and his character’s name together.

  19. msm2you says:

    @OaGuardian Cool. Thank you for the info.

  20. OaGuardian says:

    @msm2you He was the lone survivor of a group of Texas Rangers (which included his brother Dan Reid) that were ambushed looking for a criminal named Butch Cavendish. He was the “lone” surviving “ranger” of the ambush. Tonto was his blood-brother from a childhood incident who found him and nursed him back to health. Dan’s son, Dan Jr., rode with the Lone Ranger (his uncle) and later had a son, Britt Reid, who became the crime fighter known as the Green Hornet.

  21. macdoug12 says:

    because he was the only survivor of the texas rangers , so he was the lone ranger.

  22. msm2you says:

    Never understood why he was called The *Lone* Ranger if Tonto was always with him…

  23. Verhoeven1980 says:

    I always grind as a kid when I saw the indians name. Tonto is spanish for stupid ^^

  24. gcmc2 says:

    “it’s things like tv, music and movies that help to unite us really as one people.”
    Yes, I think that although contemporary television is much maligned ( probably justifiably ) it’s how those of our generation learned about each other’s countries & cultures. It’s particularly how most learned about the US Ur TV programs were ( & are ) much of the world’s television. True, some shows don’t measure up to our memories, but it was still a nicer TV time ! No vulgarity & much less rubbish.

  25. wntoply6 says:

    even though my family was able to barely make it after ww2, we did have a tv early on. i remember watching most of the programs you mentioned in their premier run.
    you know it’s things like tv, music and movies that help to unite us really as one people.

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