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Lone Ranger, The – Trailer (1956)

A greedy, deceitful rancher stirs up trouble with a neighborhood Indian tribe, making a dangerous, hostile climate. Only the Lone Ranger and his faithful friend, Tonto, can prevent a savage war from breaking out.
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25 Responses to “Lone Ranger, The – Trailer (1956)”

  1. carechimbas says:

    In Spanish “Tonto” means Fool, it´s funny…

  2. maryfletcher4 says:

    I used to love this too! U.K.

  3. northbound123 says:

    @hangemhigh2000 WTF is your problem!!!

  4. MrTimbolicious says:

    Too bad our kids can’t watch shows like these.

  5. SottileGioia says:

    Wow, the trailers used to be way longer than now. Our attention span ain´t that long.

  6. hangemhigh2000 says:

    @northbound123 Cause he’s got a big black boyfriend. How about you?

  7. northbound123 says:

    its funny how one thing can lead to the next..i ended up here in search of the word “kimosabe” that i heard on a lil wayne track..i took my research to google..then i found out that the lone ranger use to call Tanto, kimosabe…i styll dont know why lil wayne would use thise…uggggggghhhhhhh, Fuck my life

  8. gypsyxchange says:

    if you like this check out Gypsy Death Star ‘Werewolf Heart”

  9. DalcyJR says:

    nossa, viajei no tempo.

  10. VitorDMacedo says:

  11. aristeinwoo says:

    The world is full of “tontos”…..(it´s a joke, if you know portuguese)

  12. whitelion44 says:

    Houston,We have a problem. Tonto is being strung up by the neck as we speak. Boy is Tonto have a bad time with the local townsmen in this

  13. zekest says:

    @is1531 I agree you loser, except wetbacks

  14. MalescoM says:

    Its Johnny Depp as Tonto and Timothy Olyphant as The Lone Ranger.

  15. generalcircle says:

    Tonto Jump on it!

  16. lneranger4 says:

    how i agree with kaptkan

  17. cezarisawsome123 says:

    the horse is beautiful

  18. RandomCrazyGiggles says:

    My great (X4) cousin played tonto… i am so proud :D D

  19. RandomCrazyGiggles says:

    My great (X5) uncle played tonto… i am so proud :D D

  20. peepsXD says:

    I watched Lone Ranger before

  21. ZAGGLETON says:

    He wasn’t Jim Reid, he was John Reid.

  22. strat63 says:

    I liked The Lone Ranger and Tonto and Hopalong Cassidy.
    I think his horse’s name was Topper.
    The 50′s and early 60′s were full of TV Westerns.
    And if you remember Wild Bill Hickock and Jingles.
    My friend has the DVD with Andy’s Gang, Andy Devine, where the audiance sang, ‘You got a gang, I got a gang, everybody’s got to have a gang, but there”s only one real gang for me, good ole Andy’s Gang with plunk your magic twanger Froggie!!

  23. drummer4theperish says:

    His pre-masked name was Jim Reid.

  24. UnGatoExtraviado says:

    @KaptKan1 amen brother

  25. KaptKan1 says:

    @UnGatoExtraviado That’s good news, I hope; the last Lone Ranger movie was a real disaster. Let’s hope that this one can re-capture some of the fun and sense of justice of the old TV show.
    “A silver bullet… Say, who was that masked man, anyway?”
    “Folks just call him… THE LONE RANGER!”

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