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Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins

Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins

This classic radio show was brought to television in the late 1940′s and was a favorite of children and adults alike. Starring Clayton Moore as the masked man and Jay Silverheels as the faithful sidekick Tonto. The story concerns a Texas Ranger who w

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  1. Annie Van Auken says:

    Review by Annie Van Auken for Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins
    LONE RANGER and TV western fans are sure enjoy this new video collection recently released by MILL CREEK ENTERTAINMENT.

    With over 11 hours on two doubled-sided DVDs, LONE RANGER – THE LEGEND BEGINS includes the first 16 episodes from the classic Clayton Moore/Jay Silverheels TV show (plus one show from season #5).


    Enter the Lone Ranger (S.1, #1 – 9/15/49) – Glenn Strange/George J. Lewis

    The Lone Ranger Fights On (S.1, #2 – 9/22/49) – Walter Sande/George Chesebro

    The Lone Ranger Triumphs (S.1, #3 – 9/29/49) – Jack Clifford/John Daheim

    The Legion of Old Timers (S.1, #4 – 10/6/49) – DeForest Kelley/Emmitt Lynn

    Rustlers’ Hideout (S.1, #5 – 10/13/49) – Harry Lauter/Joseph Crehan

    War Horse (S.1, #6 – 10/20/49) – Leonard Penn/John Merton

    Pete and Pedro (S.1, #7 – 10/27/49) – Sheila Ryan/Rufe Davis

    The Renegades (S.1, #8 – 11/3/49) – Gene Roth/Harry Harvey

    The Tenderfeet (S.1, #9 – 11/10/49) – Ray Bennett/Rand Brooks

    High Heels (S.1, #10 – 11/17/49) – Carl von Schiller/John Berkes

    Six Gun’s Legacy (S.1, #11 – 11/24/49) – Jimmie Dundee/Don Haggerty

    Return of the Convict (S.1, #12 – 12/1/49) – Steve Clark/Robert Emmett Keane

    Finders Keepers (S.1, #13 – 12/8/49) – Pedro de Cordoba/Arthur Franz

    DISC 2–

    The Masked Rider (S.1, #14 – 12/15/49) – John Alvin/John Doucette

    Old Joe’s Sister (S.1, #15 – 12/22/49) – Anne O’Neal/Joel Freidkin

    Cannonball McKay (S.1, #16 – 12/29/49) – Louise Lorimar/Leonard Strong

    A Message From Abe (S.5, #22 – 2/7/57) – James Griffith/Maggie O’Byrne


    Also included is the complete 15-chapter serial from 1938, THE LONE RANGER,

    starring Lee Powell as the Masked Man and Chief Thundercloud as Tonto.


    An ex-Confederate officer kills and assumes the identity of a Washington appointee sent to Texas to collect taxes.

    Enroute to the Lone Star State, the imposter and his gang ambush a group of Texas Rangers returning from the

    war to restore order at home. One of the Rangers survives the attack and, after being nursed back to help by his

    friend Tonto, decides to dedicate his life to law and order. His first order of business is to stop the imposter and

    his accomplices from taking Texas out of the Union and forming their own country.


    1. Hi-Yo Silver

    2. Thundering Earth

    3. The Pitfall

    4. Agent of Treachery

    5. The Steaming Cauldron

    6. Red Man’s Courage

    7. Wheels of Disaster

    8. Fatal Treasure

    9. The Missing Spur

    10. Flaming Fury

    11. The Silver Bullet

    12. Escape

    13. The Fatal Plunge

    14. Messengers of Doom

    15. The Last of the Rangers

  2. Modrnknght says:

    Review by Modrnknght for Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins
    This is just a short review to say the Clayton Moore shows are enjoyable enough, but the Lone Ranger serial is about as poor as you can get. The serial has long been considered lost but turned up in a print with Spanish subtitles. That is the one used here, and it is truly bad video quality and they have enlarged the image to hide the subtitles at the bottom of the print used.

    Even at the cheap price of this DVD set, it is isn’t worth it. Stay away!

  3. J. Locke says:

    Review by J. Locke for Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins
    This is a very quick review. I liked the quality of the video and sound. However at the end of each episode the William Tell Overature sounded a little faster than I remembered it. Could it have been some sort of time compression? This is fine quality family entertainment. I loved seeing The Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels and Tonto again. Excellent horsemanship! The Lone Ranger has great values that everyone should learn from. Clayton Moore said that he was a better person for having played the Lone Ranger. We need him today!

  4. Jabba says:

    Review by Jabba for Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins
    When Clayton Moore assumed his signature role as The Lone Ranger in 1949, the character had been a fixture on the radio since 1933, played most notably by Earle Graser and then Brace Beemer. (It is actually Beemer’s voice, not Moore’s, heard calling out “Hi-Yo Silver” at the beginning of the TV episodes.) And Moore himself had starred in a number of other vehicles, most notably the Republic Pictures cliffhanger serials “Perils of Nyoka,” “Jesse James Rides Again,” “G-Men Never Forget,” and “Ghost of Zorro.” (The last role led directly to his casting as the OTHER Masked Rider of the Plains.) So, while it is perfectly understandable and unobjectionable that some who are fans only of The Lone Ranger TELEVISION show might look askance at what must be admitted to be a drastically different portrayal, others might well be interested in looking at the earlier, certainly no less authentic incarnations of the character, and particularly this one from the world of cliffhanger serials in which Moore himself first achieved stardom. The 1938 movie serial of “The Lone Ranger” is not only generally regarded as one of the finest examples of the serial form, it also marks an epoch in the developing mythos of the Lone Ranger himself, for it is here, for the first time anywhere, that the story of his mysterious origin was told, being slightly reworked for the radio program only several years later, and then adapted for the first three episodes of the TV show. It is unfortunate that most of the serial exists only in quite poor condition, but as much has been done here as possible to make it viewable (for instance, by replacing the original serial footage where possible with equivalent sequences from the much shorter feature-length version, “Hi-Yo Silver,” which has survived in far better condition). Anyone reading reviews of this product probably doesn’t need to have Clayton Moore’s TV episodes recommended to them, though I certainly will second any such recommendation. I would only like to add that the Lone Ranger movie serial, despite the poor quality of the film master and the differences from the TV version, is likewise very much worth viewing, and that Mill Creek Entertainment has presented it here in the most watchable form that I, at least, have ever seen, and at a really remarkable bargain price, even if the TV episodes were not also included. I think this is a must-have, and a must-see, for any real dyed-in-the-wool Lone Ranger fan.

  5. David L. Kennedy says:

    Review by David L. Kennedy for Lone Ranger – The Legend Begins
    Although I have some of the Lone Ranger movies, I still enjoy watching the half-hour episodes. I would just love to find more of those episodes on DVD.

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