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Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger

Image by inf3ktion
What does the future hold for you, lone ranger?
What’s ahead for you, really?

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30 Responses to “Lone Ranger”

  1. Project Jer says:

    That is a fierce lone ranger!

  2. inf3ktion says:

    One out of a hundred of them I think; they were doing their own routemarch up the tree! This must be the Commanding Officer. LOL.

  3. Project Jer says:

    Must have spend quite a bit for the F1.8 to get such nice pic!

  4. inf3ktion says:

    SGD 110 isn’t too bad of a price for this kind of quality yea? :)

  5. tangent says:

    I’m glad you found me, inf3ktion.
    This is a fine image. I like what you’re doing with the colors.

  6. inf3ktion says:

    Hello tangent! I found you because I was attracted to your works, that’s why. And I’m glad you’re liking this image as much as I do. Thank you for your kind words. :)

  7. Project Jer says:

    Wow…SGD110?!? From where? 2nd hand?

  8. inf3ktion says:

    It’s the retail price bro. It’s a cheap 50mm prime lens. Everyone’s talking about it! :D

  9. sew fab martha says:

    Beautiful focus and bokeh!

  10. inf3ktion says:

    Thank you, thanks so much Martha! :D

  11. Fea Omar says:

    I love it !!!

  12. inf3ktion says:

    Mmhmm, thanks alot! And someone’s like focusing more on HDR eh? You’re pretty good yourself! :)

  13. Fea Omar says:

    Haha nahhh, just experimenting. btw, I think this lone ranger must be proud to be on flickr hahaha!

  14. inf3ktion says:

    It knew I was gonna post it on Flickr, that’s why it gave me that epic pose. Classic, the other ants could come into the frame at any time. xP

  15. Crazy Princess says:

    Gosh !
    This is so Awesome !! Love the colors <3

  16. inf3ktion says:

    Thank you soo much my friends for the comments! Thank you thank you! :D

  17. lostkikuyu says:

    Un bokeh maravilloso!!!

  18. inf3ktion says:

    Aww great to see you here again, thanks!

  19. sat spade says:

    great bokeh with interesting colors..Nice lens you have, cheap but amazing..

  20. inf3ktion says:

    This lens works wonders for me and the other photogs.

    This should keep me busy for a while, as I save up abit more for a good macro lens. :)

  21. zuzana_nz says:

    nice bokeh!

  22. inf3ktion says:

    Thanks Zuzana!

  23. mickle229 says:

    what a great shot. really impressive

  24. batabidd says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Dreamland natura, and we’d love to have this added to the group!


  25. Daiton Fonseca says:

    Nice shot.

  26. Leon D. says:

    dude ! this macro is so amazing !
    i also love how the back ground merge in the picture .

    want to see more

  27. GoldenPhotos says:

    wow bro nice….where you take this pic? i never took this kind of pic before, anyway wht lens are you using?

  28. inf3ktion says:

    Thanks bro! I took it at Tampines, Sunplaza Park there.

    It was taken with my 50mm F/1.8 lens, the cheap but magical lens! :)

  29. GoldenPhotos says:

    cheap lens? that is 2 of my favourite words i like to hear. btw where did you buy the lens? sorry that i ask a lot of questions…

  30. KyLe | MancusO says:

    WOW! fav!

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