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Limp Bizkit Press Your Luck

Demo of re-entry

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25 Responses to “Limp Bizkit Press Your Luck”

  1. snafux10 says:

    where is the mash up with eminem?????? …. even better than this…. can’t find it again!! anyone??

  2. J0N3S019 says:

    awsome tune, i cant beleve i missed this one, is there a 320kbps download for this track somewhere around?
    Keep smackin’ for slackin’ fred!

  3. LPSunnYLP says:

    Don’t press the lock, u might get fucked up would be better :P

  4. NikolisCrazy says:

    Oh my God (oh my God)
    oh my God (Oh my God)
    Oh my God…
    it’s the cops here again
    And they wanna lock a dog up in a van
    If they wanna try to control how we
    rock and we roll cause they know i’m a
    On the run is my mic like a gun
    and i use the stage to release all my rage
    Gimme 1 gimme 2 gimme 3
    gimme britney and i rock it like a G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Industrial094 says:

    I’m amazed that the weak Re-Entry was created from this. This song is awesome, and just listen to that guitar riff!

  6. Shmellow says:


  7. harisudez1 says:

    it aint in his album?!

  8. annsootje2 says:

    Amazing song! :D

  9. YearOfTheBandicoot says:

    @globe5525 It wasn’t on any album. It was recorded just before Wes left the band.

  10. badabump says:

    what a shitty song

  11. thatrite says:

    @blacksunbadboy what would heroin have to do with the way he dresses on stage

  12. NebraskanNerfer says:

    @freddyd69 a lot of his songs remind me of my life

  13. TheVolton says:

    GAIL !! :D

  14. globe5525 says:

    what album was this off of?

  15. blacksunbadboy says:

    lol wes dresses weird because he used to be off his tits on heroin, it soon just became an image of the band once he got off it

  16. MrHreidmar says:

    Omg Best song ever

  17. Sku11Kid57 says:

    wes borland doesnt dress wierd to be cool you fucking tool… its just his fucking style, wes borland is fucking cool cause he is AMAZING at guitar… and NOBODY can disagree.

  18. freddyd69 says:

    the reason people hate him so much is because he dont write COOL lyrics and he says stuff people cant relate to because unlike wes borland whod esses weird to be the cool guy fred durst is a weirdo in a good way

  19. freddyd69 says:

    when i hear people say fred durst is the wekaest member of limp bizkit no one ever gives a reason
    hes very emotional and lets his voice go more natural as well as his shouts which is better than controleed emontionless music like killswitch engage and many others in my opinion

  20. mickilla69 says:


  21. darkvy8r says:

    WooooooooooooowaaaaaaaaaaaaH :D :D

  22. reimz0r says:

    Fuck YEEEEEEAH! I love Limp Bizkit! So nice that they┬┤re baq together. This time I will have a concert ticket. :D

  23. DXTofficialpage says:

    fuck mike smith, he ruined a great record by rewriting it!

    I’m combining the original tracks and makes the original “Results May Vary”. I’ll rapid share it. Just wait.

  24. Massivecarcrash says:

    how fucking killer wouldn’t it be if they rerecorded this for the new album.

    Freds singing isn’t quite there yet, but some changes and this song will bust your balls.

  25. ElvisBluntman777 says:

    this shit rocks !!

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