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Let’s Make A Deal (Monty Hall) Part 1

1975 with Monty Hall
Video Rating: four / 5

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19 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal (Monty Hall) Part 1”

  1. ryanmshepard92 says:

    @Ilikemustard A woman.

  2. FRANK172 says:

    DATSUN new car isn’t it?

  3. Ilikemustard says:

    What the fuck is wrong with this woman? Who the hell gets that excited over shoes?

  4. theintelligent1973 says:

    The man they have now is totally wrong for this show, he can’t hide his ghettoish side, or his personality w/ a touch of attitude, his lack of demeanor, therefore, I demand that he be replaced with Jonathan.

  5. whammy850 says:

    This show had a certain charm about it that the current version lacks. Everything seemed to happen so naturally. Today’s version is so obviously planned and the show suffers for it. I know that the show was scripted then too, but Monty was so good at his job that it never showed. Don’t get me wrong- Wayne Brady does an okay job and he works very well with Jonathan Mangum, but it really could use different production techniques. They over-produce it and they don’t really need to.

  6. video77ab says:

    does anyone else think the first lady resembles Liza Minnelli somewhat

  7. Doleafol says:

    Hey, that Datsun doesn’t look half bad. Don’t see that shade of blue too much anymore.

  8. tpir1972 says:

    Was the daytime show still going on at this time?

  9. pedwardsize says:

    @fwbh That would be great! What info do you need?

  10. fwbh says:

    @pedwardsize Send me a private message and I can get you a copy. I most likely have the episode, just need to know some info. first. Hope this helps!

  11. pedwardsize says:

    I was on LMAD on 1/22/75 game
    #D-6 How can I see a clip?

  12. storrs19 says:

    @pedwardsize If it was LMAD then you are lucky as it probably still survives. Many game shows prior to the mid 1980s were erased from videotape and don’t exist any more. I don’t think GSN is currently airing LMAD though. What show were you on?

  13. pedwardsize says:

    I was on a show 1/22/75…how can I find it?

  14. landrykkb says:

    Monty Hall is a Canadian and God bless him!

  15. reneecalling says:

    Only $4,500 for a car in 1975. I paid 4X that when I purchased my last car.

  16. DiabloMercy says:

    so weird

  17. BroomDancer2000 says:

    @DorvellTStewart did u see that deal Monty made with the couple the picked the two ZONKS and won the car? that was a CLASSIC!

  18. DorvellTStewart says:

    Monte’s on Wane Brady’s version of Lets Make A Deal this week! He’s still got it at 88 years old!

  19. MegastarLV says:

    FYI: That’s the same studio where America’s Funniest Home Videos would later be taped. Yes, this version of LMAD & Bob Saget’s version of AFV were taped at ABC Television Center.

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