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Let’s Make A Deal: Monty Hall Deals With Santa

In time for Christmas, Monty Plays “Deal” with Santa and his Wife. Will Santa get zonked? Watch and find out

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25 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal: Monty Hall Deals With Santa”

  1. iverthy30 says:

    i love this show watch it everyday and its so funny how the times have passed from electronics to clothing.

  2. seattlesignguy says:

    My parents were lady bugs somewhere between season 1975-1978 of let’s make a deal and would love to see the file. Please let me know if you know of a directory to find such things or any other suggestions.

  3. shinesthrudarain says:

    @chineseal and the money was more then. they offer the same cash now? wth

  4. chineseal says:

    I love this show. Brady cant touch Monty Hall.

  5. thankyag says:

    RAMEN Noodles been around forever lol

  6. Holygiant says:

    Well that just sucks for them >.>

  7. TheKingofSlots says:

    if youre lucky enough to get GSN; cable provider RCN took them out of their lineup this past fall.

  8. redteamdarkspear says:

    “I want to take it all back, you are fat.” Lol

  9. RHeckman00 says:

    Raman noodles have been around forever! enjoyed by college kids of the 1970s

  10. gameshowguy2000 says:

    And if that’s not bad enough, he gave up a hot tub that he could relax in after the big Christmas trip around the world.

  11. merryann33 says:

    OMG! I knew Selinda when I was younger. She sang in a couple choral groups. She had a plastic mannerism when singing that made her look like one of the robot children from It’s A Small World.

  12. gameshowawardsfan says:

    Great show! Let’s Make a Deal fans, see Monty Hall honored at the 2009 Gameshow Awards premiering June 6th at 8pm on GSN! Don’t miss it! For more info, check out my videos!!

  13. sks409 says:

    he was…

  14. InfiniteMushroom says:

    This show is actually used by some professors with real imagination in their Probability and Probabilistic Methods classes!

    That show was a great way to apply probability equations and help one to determine whether to go on to the next curtain or when the donkey would show up.

  15. dethbiker says:

    I don’t see it, but I would bang her.

  16. rickhh1 says:

    I think NBC learned that a few years ago. Monty Hall made the show. Without him, it’s bizarre.

    Luckily, GSN airs the 70′s edition of Let’s Make a Deal on Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm EST/PST, and the 80′s edition Weekdays at 11am EST

  17. njturbo says:

    Ive been looking for an episode where someone wins a car..but its a chevelle convertible all spraypainted with spraycans and trashed, I saw it in the 80s and never seen it again .

  18. maucelli94 says:

    monthy pithon was great on ths show

  19. maucelli94 says:

    monthy pithon was a great judge

  20. DMK000 says:

    This is just like the Amazon Gold Box application,so annoying…

  21. RikimaruTheHulk says:

    This show was torture. You never knew what kind of decision you were making; it was awesome. I’d love to see this in reruns; a remake would just suck.

  22. cereo says:

    haha that damn monty hall.slicker than santa even.

  23. namk19 says:

    i agree we can’t survive with just $100 bills

  24. heine71 says:

    Nice Snack Pack lunch box that’s rare!

  25. vanparty says:

    At 1:42 her nip got perky.

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