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Let’s Make A Deal: Monty Hall Deals With Santa

In time for Christmas, Monty Plays “Deal” with Santa and his Wife. Will Santa get zonked? Watch and discover out
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal: Monty Hall Deals With Santa”

  1. TheCannabisKing says:

    @narutomustgonow go jerk it to your lame anime assface

  2. TheCannabisKing says:

    @narutomustgonow- Lawl! well first off let me just say that your a lame ass for the name, naruto sucks asshole. also, your a dumb bitch for commenting on my almost half year old comment… but most of all your plain stupid for sticking up for a man thats obviously an “arse.” my point is, loser, that wyane brady does the show far better than monty could ever hope to, and saying that he can insult a man because its “his show” indicates that you are dimwitted of how show business works…

  3. narutomustgonow says:

    @DMK000 if it annoys you, do what I do, leave it alone

  4. narutomustgonow says:

    @TheCannabisKing Lawl! of course this was Monty’s show after all back then, so he had the right to say what he wanted to say, It’s called breaking balls, pothead, I bet your poisoned brained arse is a pro at it, go back to eatin yer mary jane brownies.

  5. 666thedevil1 says:

    the big bills are still in circulation, But the banks have them all and if you asked for $500 or $5000, they would pay you in hundreds.

  6. PissedPlayinPimp says:

    Looks like Monty Hall got coal that Christmas.

  7. 951Alpha says:

    i agree that they should bring back the high denomination bills (500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000) i wonder if they ever showed or gave away a 5,000 or 10,000 bill on this show?

  8. millenniumman75 says:

    @MrKellysCorner Early 1985.

  9. MrKellysCorner says:

    which year is this episode from ?

  10. TheCannabisKing says:

    wow the old show sucked ass, he said, that had nothing to do with anything we just wanted some quick advertising.. and i take that back you are fat, what an ass.

  11. brado303 says:

    This is why you never listen to a woman. Bitch talked him out of a motorcycle

  12. lakersfan110293 says:

    me three

  13. helarymax says:

    Come baby Asian ladies

  14. princessamina1 says:

    @whatishe Doesn’t doing that decrease the value of money?

  15. quenarosima says:

    sexy and Asian women Meet

  16. iverthy30 says:

    i love this show watch it everyday and its so funny how the times have passed from electronics to clothing.

  17. seattlesignguy says:

    My parents were lady bugs somewhere between season 1975-1978 of let’s make a deal and would love to see the file. Please let me know if you know of a directory to find such things or any other suggestions.

  18. shinesthrudarain says:

    @chineseal and the money was more then. they offer the same cash now? wth

  19. chineseal says:

    I love this show. Brady cant touch Monty Hall.

  20. thankyag says:

    RAMEN Noodles been around forever lol

  21. Holygiant says:

    Well that just sucks for them >.>

  22. TheKingofSlots says:

    if youre lucky enough to get GSN; cable provider RCN took them out of their lineup this past fall.

  23. redteamdarkspear says:

    “I want to take it all back, you are fat.” Lol

  24. RHeckman00 says:

    Raman noodles have been around forever! enjoyed by college kids of the 1970s

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