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Let’s Make A Deal: Big Deal and Super Deal

Watch as we see if this couple risk almost 000.00 in cash and prizes to pick up another 000.00
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25 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal: Big Deal and Super Deal”

  1. CrazyBabyTee says:

    @RedPortiaOne AGREED!!! I love Wayne Brady!!!

  2. RedPortiaOne says:

    Forget Monty Hall, Wayne Bradys Lets make a deal is incredible. Monty Hall just talked on and on and never shut up lol

  3. Brian211978 says:

    the answering machine! The bigtime!!

  4. sgissweet845 says:

    I have never seen a fridge with a built-in tape player, until today. Ever in my lifetime.

  5. phlashba says:

    $25 worth….. LOL!

  6. andybowe says:

    8 track tape decks were common from the early 1960′s to early 1980′s I used to listen to them and they were awsome as well

  7. tnpir says:

    That’s the 70s for you.

  8. davenwin1973 says:

    At some resale appliance stores, I’ve seen maybe 1 or 2 refrigerators with a radio. I’ve seen some Samsung & LG refrigerators today. Before you know it, we’ll see computers built into refrigerators with internet (if it hasn’t already been incorporated into current models).

  9. coondogtheman1234 says:

    What?? a refrigerator with a built in Radio and tape deck? ive never seen that before that is so cool. nowadays its just icemakers. I wouldnt be surprised if these appliances and electronics seen here are still working today. that would be really cool. Vintage stuff is so much better in quality.

  10. Brianeddie666 says:

    We had a Frigidaire range just like that one that lasted well over 30 years, and was still working when we moved away and left it with the new owner.

  11. richie19190 says:

    My dad still has his, even though it does not work anymore. I use it as my TV stand.

  12. tjfreak says:

    So was Carrol Merrol , Merrill ? as nice in person as on the tube ?

  13. shoredude2 says:

    $25 worth of Pam would have lasted me forever.

  14. After4th says:

    Price of answering machines these days and the price of new cars.
    They cover tax and other costs.
    Also like my mother said, you don’t see any overweight or obese people back then minus the costumes.

  15. pladahitz2 says:

    my mother was on this show,my cousins were on this show in 1970…..and i got a job on this show in 1974…love the memories…any videos from 1970 that i can see ? thanks…pladahitz

  16. momoville100k says:

    200 bucks for a answering machine!!! they cost like 10 bucks now. those were the days though

  17. soulcornflake1 says:

    Hey, that was nothing. I’m not sure they ever gave one away on the show, but I can remember microwave ovens going for $2,000.

  18. latios316 says:

    I saw someone winning a $6000 car once. I was like *madd lucky*

  19. BrooklynMouseReturns says:

    Wow! A Sharp stereo system from the 1970′s including an AM/FM receiver, 8-track player and a BSR record changer and a 19″ color TV for $859.90. That was pretty cool back then. Love those old vintage electronics stuff.

  20. EMUmonster says:

    Shit a brand new car for $3000.

    then it goes to an answering machine for $300.

    Thank God for voicemail now a days.

  21. lothy59 says:

    what gets me is.. that fridge with tape player/ radio LOL..

  22. GameShowNetwork says:

    Monty: What’s behind no. 3?

    (audience goes wild unexpectly, as the $20,000 is revealed by Monty’s surprise)


    (the piano fanfare is heard)

  23. sgissweet845 says:

    Thank you! I’ve been confused with that product for a long time!

  24. Mandi7882 says:

    No. Its been reformulated and actually is best for cooking light.

  25. serialhag76 says:

    The answering machine was $299?!! That’s hilarious! “…with remote control so you can play back your messages FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!”

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