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Let’s Make a Deal | $30000 Super Deal, pt. 1

A 70s Let’s Make a Deal episode with a 000 Super Deal on the line. Monty gives away 0 and consolation prizes, and gives offers to trade the money for curtains in this one.
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14 Responses to “Let’s Make a Deal | $30000 Super Deal, pt. 1”

  1. 73gossipboy says:

    @spacebullseye in the next few year they will do it for wayne

  2. spacebullseye says:

    Funny animated Monty at the beginning, lol.

  3. Tralalere says:

    Just got the 1974 board version of the game and I’m pretty excited!

  4. 9409312 says:

    Yeah would it be funny if they redone the Let’s Make a Deal opening sequence with Jughead from Archie Comics holding a Microphone walked by Door #1 open with a Car then Door #2 open with Cash & Prizes and Door #3 open with a ZONK but with Six Pretty Girls kissing at the host.

  5. DannyBkyn says:

    2 delightful contestants on a delightful show that I LOVED as a kid. Thanks for posting!

  6. GameShowNetwork says:


  7. mhmrules says:

    What Ep. was that?

  8. heine71 says:

    If this 1975 LMAD opening sequence was redone for Family Guy, it would feature Peter Griffin on a magic carpet like Monty is and go past 2 doors of good prizes and at door #3 instead of a ZONK MOOSE Peter would crash into the chicken and cause another chicken VS. Peter Griffin battle!

  9. heine71 says:

    Dolphin Productions did the animation.

  10. pooka5472 says:

    Since Daily Double was referring to the brand of toothbrushes, I seriously doubt it.

  11. Ian16545 says:

    1:18 – I hope Merv didn’t sue Monty for that!

  12. floridapanthersroar says:

    Is this scanimation?

  13. queercat says:

    Keep your tractor out of her living room.

  14. JackBauer152 says:

    This was from 1975. I would know because my friend originally game me this.

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