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Let’s Make A Deal: 2 funny contestants

Here are 2 clips from the 70′s game show “Let’s Make a Deal” with 2 contestants that I just found hysterical. From the 1st contestant shown where she has a mental breakdown in her excitement to the next one who utters what sounds like “I’ll kweep qwit”
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25 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal: 2 funny contestants”

  1. johnbaine2 says:

    people acted weird back then

  2. gwhendri1 says:

    I bow down to your majesty O Great Goddess… you are most intelligent and crafty
    Slick sexy

  3. sciencefreak2402 says:

    how much was 1k then?

  4. cepacol06 says:

    that fckiin swan with glasses in the crowd really cracks me up.

  5. tachoX2 says:

    Don’t remember seeing 2 cars on one deal…

  6. MackABeenY says:

    lovely show

  7. Sweetdreamsprelude says:

    @tjivy yeah you can be a broke ass millionaire these days lol

  8. Quicklink39 says:

    Monty Hall > Wayne Brandy. If Monty Hall wanted his job back, please believe he’ll get it back in no time flat.

  9. nextbarker says:

    Anyone have a daytime episode of LMAD?

  10. leftlash says:

    2:46 bahaha

  11. ELowMusic says:

    That’s so racist! the black chick and the fried chicken mix. lmao

  12. aishahossam says:

    2 cars fior under 10 thousand hehehe i love this show!

  13. tjivy says:

    What is sad is $1,500 = $8,228.79 today per the inflation calculator.

  14. dannyboy163 says:

    i fweel wike wiss amewika

  15. Kratosmustdie says:

    He made the tranny very happy………..

  16. xthatfatguyx says:

    fuck you. monty hall is the greatest host ever.

  17. Holygiant says:

    The host is a real jerk sometimes >.>

  18. mrschrisc says:

    900 was a real good months salary back in that day.

  19. oneoleqt says:

    thats a Datsun 710
    i had one back then

  20. escalito99 says:


  21. escalito99 says:

    are you serious !!!! your kidding

  22. escalito99 says:

    o what ah car lmao
    what kind of car was that?lol

  23. MaggieSimpsonX says:

    i love hearing all about the old products.. and how damn cheap things were :D

  24. MaggieSimpsonX says:


  25. Dragonflames1998 says:

    one of my teachers are going to be on this show on 10-27-2009 at 10:00 AM on CBS. She will be the bumble bee. I just found out this morning. It looks like a really neat show.

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