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Let’s Make A Deal: 2 funny contestants

Here are 2 clips from the 70′s game show “Let’s Make a Deal” with 2 contestants that I just discovered hysterical. From the 1st contestant shown where she has a mental breakdown in her excitement to the next one who utters what sounds like “I’ll kweep qwit”
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25 Responses to “Let’s Make A Deal: 2 funny contestants”

  1. auaiao9 says:

    @johnbaine2 we did?

  2. kduideo says:

    @jsilence418 hahaha!!!

  3. crocodile2006 says:

    Don’t worry lady… it was only a Datsun

  4. jsilence418 says:

    2 new Firebirds for less than $10,000 the good old days!

  5. PatriciaSmear says:

    @oPorchMonkey4Life Wayne Brady? IMO he’s a hack! Horrible!

  6. oPorchMonkey4Life says:

    Wayne Brady’s alot better

  7. mediamadman747 says:

    GSN should bring back some of the old game shows.

  8. HellenicWarrior10 says:

    the coat was from the past inventories of dicker & nikger of beverly hills.

  9. Tex200950 says:

    Give the A@@ kissing a rest GEEZ – Who care about who is holding the chicken.

  10. beentheredonethatbef says:

    Sorry for my extra comment, I don’t think they were trying to be racist with the chicken mix. Lots of contestants were offered or saw the chicken mix who were black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc.

  11. beentheredonethatbef says:

    She should’ve stuck with the car!

  12. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    I miss monty hall

  13. SuteUpGrade says:

    no 70′s

  14. SuteUpGrade says:

    was that in the 90′s

  15. Texasfilly101 says:

    Grew up watching Monty Hall when Let’s Make a Deal first came on TV. We loved it! Thanks for posting these old clips. ;)

  16. Fmaack says:

    Where do they get the costumes for this show? Do they get to choose them at the studio before the show or do they all arrive in those costumes?

  17. webmail111 says:

    now its nissan

  18. leo66ssd says:

    2:41 Damn! thats big box of Chicken mix!

  19. princessamina1 says:

    Gaga stole Skip Shippy’s ( 2:30 ) outfit!

  20. 8bitjunkies says:

    LOL Beever Fur

  21. mckown24 says:

    she would trade the fur coat the turtle wax and the $500 for the chicken

  22. jessica00950 says:

    I’m looking for lets make a deal in west vancouver some time in the 80′s my grandmother was in the show and we want to track it down do you have it??

  23. johnbaine2 says:

    people acted weird back then

  24. gwhendri1 says:

    I bow down to your majesty O Great Goddess… you are most intelligent and crafty
    Slick sexy

  25. sciencefreak2402 says:

    how much was 1k then?

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