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Leonard Nimoy in Gunsmoke

(Season 11, Episode 29) Treasure of John Walking Fox (1966)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Leonard Nimoy in Gunsmoke”

  1. sbergman27 says:

    @FamilyOfMan1975 Right. Because no man has *ever* killed a bee.

  2. FUwogs says:

    a jew indian, he must be a mormon…

  3. StoneKnivesBearskins says:

    Leonard Nimoy = Pure awesomeness

  4. FamilyOfMan1975 says:

    Indians were so full of wisdom back then.

  5. gnrdude says:

    @AngelNicholson No he didn’t do a Bad job, considering his true Leniage Is that of Armenian Jews. Though he’s Still a Good actor.

  6. AngelNicholson says:

    I was just gonna say the same thing…I actually saw him first in this show…and it still didn’t compute…
    Not like he did a bad job or anything xD

  7. jnichols3 says:

    He is the spitting image of Iron Eyes Cody in this role.

  8. redjupiter2 says:

    You can see some Spock in this Indian character. I can see why Roddenberry cast Nimoy as Spock if he saw this episode of Gunsmoke.

  9. vccstudents says:

    @chickinchainmail James Arness was about 6’7″ if I remember correctly.

  10. vccstudents says:

    To admit to stealing missing federal coins, Marshall, is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL!”

  11. gnrdude says:

    somehow Nimoy as a Native just doesn’t Compute………

  12. chickinchainmail says:

    So is Leonard Nimoy that short, or is the other bloke really tall?

  13. RandomConcepts says:

    He was a natural to play an indian, with his spare style of speaking, at least per the stereotype they have.

  14. brottarnacke says:

    @behindtheparadigm You do!? That is highly illogical.

  15. DOEBOYVR5 says:

    Wow he does a Vulcan playing an Indian great! Very logical lol Love it!

  16. Jmurray5150 says:

    Wow, I never realized how much Arness was “doing” the Duke, but then again I didn’t get to see any of these until way late in syndication. But still, what a rip. Any which way, kudos to Nimoy!!

  17. Calliopeia666 says:

    As a hardcore Star Trek fan I am delighted to see Spock (Nimoy) in other roles! :-) Thanx for the upload. Now this one is going to my favourites! ;-)

  18. ILoveMrSpock says:

    he is smokin hot!

  19. girlfromaustralia says:

    Thanks for uploading. I haven’t seen this one before.

  20. behindtheparadigm says:

    awesome. nimoy is the shit. but i kill bees all of the time.

  21. behindtheparadigm says:

    badass. nimoy is awesome. but i kill bees all of the time.

  22. clipdan says:

    OUTSTANDING – thanks for sharing…

  23. GalacticChicken says:

    This is gold

  24. annafrancesca1 says:

    Thank you so much for uploading this!

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