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Lena Horne on Flip Wilson Show 1973

This is a Kris Kristofferson song called “I’ve Got to have You.”

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25 Responses to “Lena Horne on Flip Wilson Show 1973”

  1. Beyoncefan1000 says:

    @WarRogers no bitch the break is over and yes Beyonce is awesome!!

  2. WarRogers says:

    @Beyoncefan1000 NO she sucks lol Bootylicious gimmee a break. Bye

  3. Beyoncefan1000 says:

    @WarRogers as long as you dont say Beyonces name then we will be fine because she is unlike those other bubble gum pop singers of today, she is the real deal!!!

  4. woehler00000 says:

    wow. that’s about six straight replays. that is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

  5. Z1000Jeff says:

    I’ve just realised there’s a Lena Horne sized gap in my record collection.

    *Logs onto Amazon to rectify*

  6. WarRogers says:

    Now this is real singing. Not all this over-the-top spastic vocal ranges like pop stars today. Don’t even want to say their names on a Lena Horne vid. It’s blasphemous

  7. rcblaugh says:

    Lena’s Broadway mastery creates a very unique mood and atmosphere when performing on stage solely to interpret song as an artist, but because her Broadway presence dominates she interprets this lovely song with imagination–acting out the very essence of the words she creates scenes in our mind that only experienced artist of her caliber are able to do.

  8. KeithHarperSF says:

    Wow. I never knew she sang this…

  9. tyjeffries says:

    fabulously performed. She really was a master storyteller through song. Love this x

  10. 19ccj65 says:

    What a find! Thank you for posting this!

  11. artwantsmore says:

    Lena Horne was such an iconic woman, beautiful, sensual, sensational, and a beautiful human being. May you rest in peace Ms Horne, i know u are singing with the angels.. from a very devoted fan. You will forever live on with your music. God bless you and your family.

  12. theblueangel28 says:

    @less01 nope, to all of that. she was never underrated, couldnt have been more highly rated actually
    she doesnt have judys shouting belting
    she doesnt have streisand range or breathe control, although Barbra adopted a lot of other isms from her

    she is sublime, and smashing, and was lauded as one of the greatest singers of all time for all the decades of her career. shes also significant for success in Hollywood, Broadway, records, and being a pioneer of civil rights
    -Peace to you

  13. less01 says:

    @1146beaver I believe Lena was a very underrated singer! she had pipes like garland and a range like barbra or even higher and excellent breath control

  14. theblueangel28 says:

    this is sublime

  15. J77147 says:

    @dbeater1, I Love Lena Horne, R.I.P.

  16. dbeater1 says:

    @J77147 so true ..very beautiful.

  17. J77147 says:

    JUST BEAUTIFUL, 5*****

  18. dbeater1 says:

    WOW..This is just WOW!!

  19. 1146beaver says:

    Some songs are glorified nursery rhymes – this? This breaks away from the cliché’ like a Ginsberg Howl! Amazing arrangement and interpretation. She did not have the best instrument but when she used it she played it flawlessly.

  20. rcblaugh says:

    Enchanting lady of song-true essence of class, and vocal excellence that danced and dug deep into your core. Lina created an array of styles that took you on a journey to discover yourself.

  21. rcblaugh says:

    This enchanting lady is the true essence of class, and vocal excellence that flowed and danced and dug deep into our core Lina showing an unwavering resilience and an array of styles that took you on a journey to discover yourself.

  22. antbanks35 says:

    RIP Ms. Lena Horne. Beautiful performance!

  23. rubberdc says:

    I havent heard this song before,I was entranced by her voice.

  24. allenman97 says:

    good bye miss horne the world miss you and world “i’ve got to have you” good bye miss horne you awalys be loved!

  25. ryuna says:

    Ms. Horne made ANY song she sang, her song. Singing a Kris Kristofferson song was an unlikely song but I’ve never heard it done better. What a beautiful giant she was.

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