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LBJ Visit Day: Mom & Anthony Parlor TV room 1966 60s * 1301 – 57st

LBJ Visit Day: Mom & Anthony Parlor TV room 1966 60s * 1301 – 57st

Image by Whiskeygonebad
Frances [Mom] and Anthony [me] in 1966 Brooklyn. Mom has a bandage on her leg and hand because she and I were on our corner watching Lyndon B. Johnson’s motorcade pass by. The motorcycles were first and she did not get out of the way in time. One of them threw her aside: the exhaust pipe nicked her leg and the handle bar smashed into her hand. Nobody stopped. I helped Mom off the ground. They started from the low end of 13th ave Boro Park, through part of Bensonhurst and into Bay Ridge. There was a recent article in The Home Reporter about this being 45 years ago since LBJ’s visit. I have pix of Ford – a secret sevice guy yanked me off a pedestrian traffic sign. We have no luck! Note the BIG Zenith B&W television, 50s flooring and wallpaper, the wooden blinds from the 40s. Vintage Interior. In the early 70s we place an ugly drop ceiling up that made the room look small. No, I should say less large. We only still have that mirror in storage. Photo was taken using a Brownie with a flashbulb mixed with sunlight causing those light stripes across Mom’s face. We got a COLOR Magnavox in 1966. Imagine: New Star Trek episodes in color as they came out on Sunday early evening! Barbra Eden looked nice in color too. ;-) Are YOU old enough to remember the TV Repairman visits with his big tube box and testers? Any comments or questions? Almost forgot: In one of the photos in this series I am playing "President of the United States [POTUS] in a little cardboard chair I made. Too cute..what a swell head! PS: I had started to take photos with the same Kodak Brownie camera at this time.

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9 Responses to “LBJ Visit Day: Mom & Anthony Parlor TV room 1966 60s * 1301 – 57st”

  1. Lisanne! says:

    This looked the way my house looked in the early 1960s. The wooden blind were so much more attractive than the aluminum ones. And hardly anyone had a color TV at that time. A lot of us did have very large B&Ws though.

    What happened to your mother sounds like someone was horribly incompetent in the planning of this route. There should hve been barriers set up so that evemn if your mother was off the sidewalk at the corner this could not have happenned. I know that motorcades go slow, but she could have been seriously hurt nevertheless. I bet that this sort of thing does happen more than occassionally.

  2. Pristine*Belle says:

    I have a lot of comments and questions and I’ll be right back.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  3. eks4003 says:

    great pic and story

  4. jgallery says:

    Excellent note , very nice picture.
    well done Tony!

  5. bpr1957 says:

    My Grandmother and I were at the Lyndon B. Johnson’s motorcade that drove the lenght of 13th ave, we were standing on 42 street and 13th,. When I tell people today about it, they don’t believe that the president of the United States would have been driven in a motorcade through 13th avenue Brooklyn.

  6. Tisha_McFluffy says:

    I’ve just started a new group dedicated to Ugly Wallpaper, and I want to invite you to join and add this photo. I just started the group today, so I’m hoping to spread the word. The ugly wallpaper we’ve all known and loved needs to be celebrated!


  7. Whiskeygonebad says:

    President Ford also had his motorcade also driven along the same route on 13th avenue in 1976!

  8. suzy8track says:

    That TV is something else…love the legs on it!

  9. nineteensixtysix says:

    The story behind this photo – particularly the bandage on your mother’s leg – just brings it alive…Wonderful.

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