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lawrence welk

25th anniversary show 1980

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25 Responses to “lawrence welk”

  1. Taconut7 says:

    Lawrence Welk is my Great Great Great Uncle!

  2. ShamTheToryMan80 says:

    Does anyone have the clip of “Thank you very Much” from that episode? I believe it was one of the last numbers on that episode. Thanks.

  3. SimpreSelena1994 says:

    @dancebandleader Well my mama started watching the show back when she was pregnant with me, and when I was a baby she said I’d watch the Disney episode from 1973, which she recorded, to keep me quiet and it did. So, me & my mom are very close, and my dad watches it with me a little too :) My mom kinda turned me on to music from the 40s to at least the Motown era of the 60s. I love the Welk show. Now being 16 and junior in high school, me & mom every Saturday night watch the Welk show :)

  4. dancebandleader says:

    @SimpreSelena1994 Me too ! I’m 66 now and first saw the Welk show at age 11, My mom is 95 now
    we miss the Welk show on PBS. The Boston outlets don’t run it at all, and a PBS station in Rhode Island
    we used to receive, now has something blocking the signal from our suburban area in Southeastern
    Massachusetts. Wish I could find someone to record some of the shows so I could show them
    to mother, Obviously you’ve got good taste.

  5. 1bountifulinc says:

    When I was a child, my father loved Lawrence Welk but as a pre-teen, I didn’t care for it. I knew that when I grew up that I would full appreciate him. Now here I am in my 60′s and I still think he’s an airhead.

  6. all4hydration says:

    this was my favorite show when i was little! i can’t believe i found it!

  7. chrishanson70 says:

    @SimpreSelena1994 Yep, it’s a wonderful program! I’m an only child, and my parents both watched it growing up, but didn’t really enjoy it. I make them watch it with me sometimes anyway :) they enjoy it now more than they did in their teenage years.

  8. SimpreSelena1994 says:

    @chrishanson70 I know right! I’m the only child out of three that likes the Lawrence Welk show!
    Me and my mom try to watch it together every Saturday @ 6 pm central time.
    Its a family-friendly show. And it is still the longest-running American variety show (:

  9. chrishanson70 says:

    @SimpreSelena1994 Very nice! They happened to show “Milestones & Memories” here a few weeks ago!

    And there should be more of us :) it’s a wonderful show!

  10. SimpreSelena1994 says:

    @chrishanson70 I’m 16 now when I commented on this (;
    And I’m still shocked they still show it in Alabama, well, in my metro-area.
    But, they’ve recently shown the Milestones&Memories special (:
    And its always nice meeting Welk fans who weren’t born in the Welk era.

  11. chrishanson70 says:

    This is a great show! They really did a good job with the sets on it, and it’s beautiful to see Lawrence and Norma dance together.

  12. chrishanson70 says:

    @SimpreSelena1994 I’m younger too (I’m 18) and they show it here in California… nice to know there are other people who wish they grew up in the Welk era too :)

  13. dancebandleader says:

    welkcirswe must be kidding, There have
    been no releases on the BETA format
    for many years. and VHS is pretty much
    done as a format for new material. Get
    a DVD player or combination unit.

  14. GayAsianLover says:

    Because on the Welk show the audience could dance on stage just off camera, so many times Lawrence would turn to face the audience as they danced.

  15. welkcirswe says:

    This is an early 1988-89ish PBS re-broadcast of the 1980 25th Anniversary show hosted by Mr. Music Maker Himself, Lawrence Welk in the wrap-around segments. This show was also released on home video, uncut in the 1990′s minus the original commercials. I sure hope this one shows up on Beta, uncut with the original commercials-sweet:-)

  16. SHRINA17 says:

    maybe someone will see your post and have it and upload it : )

    Take care

  17. MichaelCrawfordsFan says:

    No my mom was a dancer. Little hawaiian dancer. I’m mad that no one posted up the little hula hands from here. I would be so happy if someone posted that song from here

  18. SHRINA17 says:

    That is very cool that your mom was on this show..was she on once or was she a singer on all the time? I always liked this show even when I was younger and it would have been considered “uncool”–who cares? I like mostly everything…and I love all this music : )

  19. SarahPalinGOP2012 says:

    Lawrence Welk embraced family values, and as such, would never have voted for Obama.

  20. SimpreSelena1994 says:

    I wish I grew up during the Welk era :(
    Oh well, at least they still run it down here in Alabama :D
    being 14 and saying that, ironic isn’t it?

  21. um6xr says:

    i realy love this show and i witch this win i can group up on this show every satday night

  22. MichaelCrawfordsFan says:

    my mother was on this show!!!

  23. vintagegoon7 says:

    Many thanks for the information.

  24. frankd1965 says:

    You can listen to radio on the internet now. go to wikipedia and find out

  25. vintagegoon7 says:

    Lucky you! We don’t have PBS here in Singapore.

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