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Lawrence Welk Meets Velvet Underground

In 1968, The Velvet Underground finally found a large, mainstream audience during a performance on the Lawrence Welk Show Video created by Darren Hacker. Visit his site at Or on Facebook at

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25 Responses to “Lawrence Welk Meets Velvet Underground”

  1. ThePretzelHead says:

    High on the popularity charts

  2. wart76 says:

    oh the guests he had over the years….anyone got the Welk episodes with Iggy Pop or David Bowie? lol…funny stuff,this vid

  3. WebkinzAnimania43 says:

    thankyou thankyou, get down and get fuuunky.

  4. josephebacon says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that Larry and the Boys wanted to get down and be funky!

  5. ottlakerambler says:

    This is absolutely fantastic.

  6. coolsweetgroovy says:

    @atumnalequinox6895 Tell your uncle he needs to make more Welk mashups

  7. paulj0557 says:

    @metamorphosis67 Why wouldn’t I notice? Why wouldn’t Lawrence Welk’s abilities be recognized? Sure some of the stuff got cheesy in the color days, but he had amazing arranging abilities and his musicians not only could play their instruments well, but they were all very creative. I guess I’m just fortunate enough to love music enough to play guitar for 20 years and then pick up the electronic organ and actually give music that I used to make fun of as a teen a second chance. Watch my playlists.

  8. coolsweetgroovy says:

    @paulj0557 I agree with you ignore the other guy

  9. coolsweetgroovy says:

    @metamorphosis67 Shut up you moron you’re ruining everyone elses fun can’t you take a joke?

  10. coolsweetgroovy says:

    OMG looks so much like it could have been a number from the show

  11. WillisProvidence says:

    wow! vu is more conservative than i imagined

  12. mudhoney110283 says:

    you’re a genius!

  13. Remington61189 says:

    it strangely matches the pace of the vid

  14. coolsweetgroovy says:

    @FinallyunderstandU you’re welcome CC

  15. FinallyunderstandU says:

    @coolsweetgroovy it’s a miracle wonderful thank you !!

  16. FinallyunderstandU says:

    @coolsweetgroovy it’s a miracle wonderful thank you !!

  17. FinallyunderstandU says:

    @coolsweetgroovy’s a miracle is what it is, thank you, D !!

  18. MrDennisCLee says:

    Ah, wundafall, wundafall…

  19. coolsweetgroovy says:

    This is hillarious

  20. MoonlitKnight66 says:

    And they even used Vox equipment just like VU did! (check out 2:01). Nice!

  21. streethassled says:

    An early You Tube clip. Made famous by promotion of many Rock Magazines. Infact, it was this clip…all these years ago, that bought me to “You Tube”!

  22. arouska says:

    I’m assuming the only reason this is the single version is because there wasn’t a 20 minute lawrence welk clip that would work.

  23. svo65 says:

    twin 88s… lawrence always knew how to rock the house. wunerful wunerful

  24. Timmybear says:

    @alto100 – I could care less about your blessings or your curses. I didn’t care about blessings or curses before I knew I was queer – I don’t know why I would after. And that includes, I might add, the blessings or curses of the gay community, if such a thing actually existed, which it doesn’t, partially sad to say…

  25. OrphanSeasun says:

    This would have been funnier if it were funny.

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