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Laverne & Shirley: “The Diner” aka “Betty Please”

This is a classic episode. The girls are working at a diner that was inherited by Lenny. Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams are hilarious in 1 of the funniest moments ever on Television.

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25 Responses to “Laverne & Shirley: “The Diner” aka “Betty Please””

  1. popularkayla6852 says:

    you would think there would be more people working there?

  2. cowboybear40 says:

    Laverne makes pancakes like me!

  3. charlottesmom says:

    You simply gotta love L & S!!! :0)

  4. psychoboysaz says:


    “That’s too hard, that’s just too hard”

    LaVerne DeFazio, you gotta love her. Shirl too. Or should i say “Betty Please”

  5. msmithstud says:

    the physical comedy between these 2 was great.

  6. o0mgn says:

    Lol im guna buy this on dvd soooo funny!

  7. angelapony1 says:

    this is very funny ‘ but does anyone have the full show of this? if so can you please post it for others to enjoy? thanks

  8. itisnttoohard says:

    Comic geniuses, both of them…

  9. MegaJoey43 says:

    Masters of comedy! I have seasons 1-4 on DVD and my kids love them!

  10. DancingSpiderman says:

    Now THIS was great television. Laverne & Shirley.

    Throwing the spaghetti against the wall, see whether it sticks BWAAAhahaha
    Dunking the big chicken in the pot BWAahahaha

  11. ToCaBoCaLoCa says:

    @withaze too funny

  12. CommercialTVBuff says:

    This iz so goddamn funny!!!

  13. adelgado75 says:

    What happened to the reality show that Penny and Cindy were doing for TV Land?

  14. StaticJolts says:

    like a modern Lucy and Ethyl. Love them!

  15. COGIC1 says:

    which season is this?

  16. ThePedrosanta says:

    Betty please,oh,I love des girls,oh fab’s.

  17. shmuli9 says:

    This whole scene reminds me of something Lucy and Ethel would do on “I Love Lucy”. Hash blacks! Hah!

  18. Marckko1 says:

    OMG i just saw this, i thought I had seen them all. Cindy Williams is brilliant but have to say Penny Marshall and her “betty, please” made me laugh so hard. I loved this show! This show, Golden Girls, Designing Women and Bewitched. Isn’t it interesting that the funniest shows are about women. That’s why gay men love them so…..

  19. anteater181 says:

    @withaze BRILLIANT!!!!!

  20. ajb1776 says:

    I remember the night this first aired. I laughed so hard I kept laughing for days after. Years later I saw that this episode was listed as a classic in some review list. for its “Betty Please Pickup.”

  21. NoraDesmond says:

    Actually, Laverne & Shirley was filmed in front of a studio audience. No laugh track. That’s what made it so hilarious. This and The Carol Burnett show were my favorites

  22. Scrumdidilyumpchious says:

    One of the funniest moments ever on TV????? Man you must love broad unintelligent comedy, with a laughter track……

  23. gertibell says:

    Best Episode Ever! I always quote “Betty Please, pick up your hash blacks”. The name Betty just makes me giggle every time I hear it.

  24. 1105196 says:

    omg! flipping the pancakes with a dustpan! classic!

  25. LoveCindyWilliams says:

    @rachelazw I haven’t done justice to Lucy re-runs just yet but I agree that she’s the trailblazer in physical comedy. L & S and Garry Marshall were observers and transformers of that to a later audience. If Lucy’s the Comedy Goddess, then Laverne and Shirley are Comedy Royalty.

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