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Laverne & Shirley Show Opening

1,2,3,4,five,6,7,8! You know the rest!

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25 Responses to “Laverne & Shirley Show Opening”

  1. iLiveMusic90 says:

    @eraquskey You’re not too young…i’m 20 and have those some memories…I was always into 70s and 80s pop culture

  2. PJSkins26 says:

    I brought nobody but myself here! Because I felt like it!

  3. eraquskey says:

    omg! i remeber watching this and all the old sitcoms on nick at nite back when i was a kid in the mid-late 90′s. Laverne and Shirley’s theme was my fav along with Mary Tyler Moore’s. lol

    I guess im a little too young to say this buuut….they sure dont make them like they used to :)

  4. MADDOG6400 says:

    SIRIUS/XM’s 70s on 7 brought me here.

  5. NoInfringementIntent says:

    I was never really into TV theme songs as a kid, but, after hearing this played in “Wayne’s World”, I was dying to find out what this catchy song was.

    After I found out, I bought my first TV theme CD and, ever since then, TV themes became one of the genres of music that I was a fan of. :-) And they are still one of my favorite genres to this day. :-D

  6. Dizkord says:

    @PattyYummers NOPE! They sure DON’T! Smh… :-(

  7. sneezyize says:

    @craponnaruto I don’t know, I wouldn’t say it was that bad. -:) There are still some redeeming shows out there, like tonight for instance I certainly don’t want to miss USA’s White Collar & Covert Affairs.

  8. craponnaruto says:

    @sneezyize Now there’s just googliedaboods and floating heads, men eating potatoes, monkeys being experimented on for the sake of the ultimate lifeform to be created, dead bugs, manly mansy, crowcrow can can, sauail…..

  9. sneezyize says:

    I so miss the era when TV themes were more than 15 to 30 secs long.. And back then the TV shows actually had more content in them — just in terms of time — than they do nowadays.

  10. TheTenaciousTim says:

    I watched happy days. Then I ended up here.

  11. AVANTMUSIC133 says:

    mr. charles fox brought me here.

  12. FilthCrow says:

    @KingOfRedOxen The beginning theme song to Umizoomi always makes me get this song stuck in my head. It’s the chord progression or something. I know…

  13. KingOfRedOxen says:

    @FilthCrow How exactly?

  14. PattyYummers says:

    they don’t make comedies like this anymore.. :(

  15. DJcharuton321 says:

    me missing the hell outta this show brought me here lol

  16. sacolton says:

    Schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer incorporated!

  17. FilthCrow says:

    Team Umizoomi brought me here…

  18. JoelNavaOfficial says:

    @OVER9000VIDEOS Wayne’s World brought me here

  19. LordNazgulKing says:

    @camaro284 Nobody gives a fuck! :D

  20. Tina85ok says:

    Gotta love the 70′s!! :)

  21. camaro284 says:

    Ok so I’m 15 and I hate the tv they show now and I also hate the music I love KISS and the duplication stones and I like to watch the golden girls,lavern and sherly,also along with Miami vice and cheers. I think I have better taste then most teens my age. Click the thumbs up button if I do!!!!

  22. twistedsistaqteu says:

    @mystery12comedian looks like youre on your own mate lol

  23. Gamer7983 says:



  24. wboucek says:

    aww, thanks for the link, Tim! *sigh*

  25. migraine516 says:

    @gatorsuk ..Shit. I just saw that movie, and it made me google Lavern and Shirley.

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