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Latest photo of the TV stuff.

Latest photo of the TV stuff.

Image by William Hook
Latest photo of out TV and other stuff. Next additions: HD-DVD Player, Xbox 360 Elite.

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  1. BeauGiles says:

    pfft. You need an Apple TV =]

  2. William Hook says:

    The PS3 can run Linux, and when I have enough time, I’m gonna try installing it. Thing is, I need to backup all my stuff first. :-P

  3. zzap! says:

    I was about to say, "You need to get a media center PC," but yeah, I guess you could just use your PS3.

  4. craig1black says:

    I still laugh when I see my furniture in other people’s houses. :-)

    (and on other continents!)

  5. William Hook says:

    craig1black: Quite a few people have this IKEA thing I think. I’ve seen it in some other photos. :-)

    zzap: I replaced the Media Centre PC with this actually. :P

  6. craig1black says:

    We really live in an amazing world economy now. If only the idiots in Washington DC would realize that….

  7. tgtrains says:

    Is sky hd any good? (and i really like that ikea tv stand)

  8. William Hook says:

    Well, yes and no. If you’re into sports it’s awesome, but to be honest, I think my dad is just wasting money keeping the movies package…they don’t show much stuff worth watching, really.

    The other stuff on offer on the HD channels is fairly good, but overall, it’s still a bit expensive.

  9. tgtrains says:

    thanks :) i would have thought bbc hd and channel 4 hd would be good

  10. William Hook says:

    BBC HD and Channel 4 HD are both free, so you don’t need a subscription – you can pick them up with either a Sky HD box or a DVB-S2 card for a PC. :)

  11. Identity Photogr@phy says:

    Thats a great shot!

    I am the Admin for a new group for all things taken in your house. Would love to see this there!

  12. William Hook says:


    I’ll submit a few other photos if I remember, too. :)

  13. dimwell says:

    which tv stand is that?

  14. William Hook says:

    It’s an IKEA one, but I can’t remember the exact name of it. If you take this photo to IKEA they’ll probably know though. :)

  15. miguelsnyder says:

    That is a great picture, would you consider letting me use it on my site?

  16. William Hook says:

    Sure, if you want to, and you credit me. :)

  17. zaphad1 says:

    I havent had a tv for about 10 years.
    Without getting too deep here I think they are bad and stop people thinking about important things.
    You are bombarded with propaganda and useless trivia.
    When youre short of money and £5 has to last a week a programme about buying houses abroad seems a but pointless.
    Sure, its nice to watch a classic film now and then but I dont really miss it.

  18. William Hook says:

    Fair point. I mostly use mine for movies and so on, but of the TV I do watch, I don’t watch all that much, and I generally fast forward the ads too.

    But I honestly wouldn’t want to go without one for more than a week. :(

  19. RU$$O says:

    You really love SONY, nice

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