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Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special

Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special

  • DVD Details: Actors: Conan O’Brien, Andy Richter, Max Weinberg, Joel Godard, Jimmy Vivino
  • Writers: Brian Kelley, Brian Kiley, Ellie Barancik, Janine Ditullio, Kevin Dorff
  • Format: Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSC. Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1; Number of discs: 1; Studio: Lions Gate
  • DVD Release Date: August 10, 2004; Run Time: 60 minutes

Conan O’Brien takes a look back at the first ten years of his late night variety show.”How did you get this talk show?”, a seemingly perplexed David Letterman jokes with his successor, Conan O’Brien, in an early clip included on this primetime specia

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List Price: $ 14.98

Price: $ 1.98

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5 Responses to “Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special”

  1. Low-Ranking Reviewer says:

    Review by Low-Ranking Reviewer for Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special
    Definitely a dvd that is worth owning, because we know these are the types that pay for themselves through multiple viewings. Conan fans will buy this regardless; but to non-fans, here are the special features just in case you were wondering:

    * Comedy shorts- 8 very brief(under a minute) clips that didn’t make it to the main show that aired. (my favorite being Clive Clemmons’ Innappropriate response Channel)

    * Favorite guest moments- 6 very brief clips as well. (including the classic Courtney Thorne Smith vs Norm MacDonald segment where Norm went to town on a movie “Chairman of the ‘Bored’” she did with Carrot Top)

    * Conan on location- 4 comedy bits in their entirety. Including Famous helping people(good one with Sting ‘celebrating’ those celebrity/charity music things); Conan in Ireland(another good one with him ‘looking’ for his roots); Conan visits LA actresses(great one that is PAINFULLY funny! this is where he visits past female guests of the show to try to ‘get it on’); Dudez a Plenti(another great one, this is the first one where Conan is forming the band not the one where they make the video. classic, plus the song is not bad either)

    There’s also an extensive backstage photo gallery of the annivesry show, and a “celebrity…secrets” bonus in the dvd. Again, whether you’re a fan or not, this is highly recommended to those who love to laugh and want value in their dvd’s. And don’t forget the companion piece to this: Triumph’s best of dvd, also available now at Amazon.

  2. Trevor Seigler says:

    Review by Trevor Seigler for Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special
    In the late-night wars, Letterman and Leno may be battling for the crown, but Conan O’Brien is firmly entrenched as the court jester. Taking cues from oldsters like Johnny Carson, O’Brien is still fresh enough to embrace the comedy landmarks of Kids in The Hall and the really good SNLs. His talk show, really a showcase for his wit and ability to subvert any tired and true TV cliche, is reason enough to celebrate.

    The DVD package here is a tenth anniversary special Conan and the gang did from the beacon theatre back in September ’03. I put this down on tape when it aired, but already it had started showing signs of fading. I had to get the DVD.

    Though it adheres to the standard “clip package” of most talk-show retrospectives, you can never expect Conan to settle for merely showing some favorite clips from his ten-year reign. Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and the triumverate of Tesh, Vigoda, and Shatner make appearances. Even erstwhile sidekick and beloved cult figure Andy Richter stops by, modestly as always.

    There are other great reasons to own this DVD, wanna hear ‘em?

    The bonus features include Conan classics that didn’t make it into the show: a hilarious commercial Andy and Conan did in a furniture store (think low budget/bad acting), the immortal “Dudz A Plenti”, and Conan stalking various Hollywood beauties. But wait, there’s more!

    Favorite guests clips includes Courtney Thorne-Smith’s appearance to plug “Chairman of The Board” (as Norm MacDonald cracks wise in the next seat), and so on…

    If there were any way to make this DVD better, I’d shoot myself while covered in gravy!…okay, there is one way: include the fifth-anniversary special, or Andy’s last night on the show (both of which are on my fading tapes collection, perhaps lost to the ages). Otherwise, this is an awesome DVD package…for me to poop on!

    Anyway, don’t let my hijinks scare you off: Take two “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” and call me in the morning.

  3. Robert I. Hedges says:

    Review by Robert I. Hedges for Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special
    Unlike the few remaining people who have not warmed to Conan O’Brien, I have found him to be the most innovative and consistently amusing host on late night television from the beginning of his network run. This show is a 90 minute special taped in New York on the occasion of his tenth anniversary show, and features many guests and “greatest hits” clips from the first ten years. I was particularly amused by the Andy Richter cameo and the fitting tribute to Conan of having John Tesh, Abe Vigoda, and William Shatner ride a bicycle built for three across the stage. I am unsure why that was a fitting tribute, but in context it certainly surprised and amused the audience. (Shatner also pleases the crowd to no end when he forgets the name “Captain Kirk” during a memory lapse, only to be goaded by Conan.) There is a disturbing, yet hilarious bit by Will Ferrell, which will haunt your memory for a very long time after viewing. The only real negatives were sketches featuring Jack Black and Ben Stiller both of whom took up valuable time and were even less funny than usual.

    The DVD has several extras, including outtakes, behind the scenes views, and particularly amusing (and lengthy) comedy pieces. I was especially fond of the trip to Ireland sequence, and the sketch in which Conan starts his own boy band.

    Conan was a bit nervous when he started, but is now a potent comedic force to be reckoned with. This DVD is worth numerous repeat viewings. I recommend this to any fan of Conan, or for that matter anyone with a sense of humor.

  4. smokey says:

    Review by smokey for Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special
    Fantastic DVD, unfortunately it’s not as long as it could be as it’s the 10th anniversary episode but I’ve seen it a few times and it doesn’t cease to crack me up.

    My favourite moments would have to be Gwyneth Paltrow’s secret confession, both appearances by Jim Carrey and of course Conan’s own self-deprecating sense of humour. “I had a dream and that dream was to be known as that jackass who comes on after Leno.”

    I often wonder what it would be like working on this show. Absolute madness with no boundaries. As an Australian, I can only get episodes of Late Night on cable TV and most Aussies haven’t seen him. I think most Aussies would agree that pretty much all of the attempts at talk shows here are quite lame, and one particular host just plain plagiarises Conan’s stuff only minus the comic delivery.

    This is definitely the best talk show around

  5. The Bride says:

    Review by The Bride for Late Night with Conan O’Brien 10th Anniversary Special
    Conan’s 10th anniversary special blew my mind. Since I’m not an American, I didn’t have the chance to watch this special when it aired, so I saw it first on dvd with all the conalicious special features! Seriously, I’m loving it. Conan O’Brien is the best comedian on tv and no one would deserve to do his own show more than him. Cone Zone is second to NONE!

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