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last of the summer wine auto and garter component 1

1st look of Wesley Pegden (Gordon Wharmby). Compo enters a vehicle race to impress Nora. Following all, Wesley’s old banger never ever starts – or does it?
Video Rating: four / 5

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19 Responses to “last of the summer wine auto and garter component 1”

  1. MrPaintboy100 says:

    lol i live here :)

  2. rounz1 says:

    I checked that show out after I read your recommendation. It was good, but It seemed like the point was to copy the LOTSW guys rather than just have 3 eccentric women.which would have been much better IMO

  3. howzie23yo says:

    @jpww1979 i wudnt even take a dump in luton for fear of a rat bitin mi arse

  4. RavnDream says:

    I may be a Yank but Great Cthulhu do I miss this show.

  5. NorrisBatty says:

    … hee hee, now watch the female versions of Compo, Clegg and Foggy ….. check out ‘Summer Wine Women’ for a chuckle!

  6. Joebolox says:

    @jpww1979 What a charming person you sound.

  7. tescoskick says:

    i love this show as a kid

  8. glynbrain says:

    I think her line at the end should have been “I’d like to meet the man who isn’t” not “I’ve yet to meet the man who isn’t”. That way his joke about advertising makes sense.

  9. withnail555 says:

    What a load of old wank. The same shit joke for nearly 4 decades.

  10. kanga888 says:

    @thinads i think it’s pretty shitty tbh and i’m glad it’s being axed.

  11. kickinoverya says:

    One thing I never understood about LOTSW is how characters just appear out of nowhere.Some for a single episode,then disappear and are never mentioned or heard of again.Did Roy Clarke think we all had early onset dementia or something.I mean did the likes of Billy Hardcastle and Alvin come from??

  12. jpww1979 says:

    I go to yorkshire to take a dump then I go back home to luton

  13. FamilyOfMan1975 says:

    The new shows are good but they just can’t hold a candle to these classics.
    God Bless Compo, Clegg & Foggy.

  14. BoojumFed says:

    He’s also Mr. Rat.

  15. thinads says:

    this trio is the best ever compo,cleggy and foggy no one acts better than them i miss these old comedy soaps..

  16. ecw1000 says:

    i dont think i can watch any of the new ones now that kathys gone

  17. bigsexyrob says:

    r.i.p kathy staff

  18. jkirchman says:

    I was thinking, “That guy sounds just like Wallace!” Then I looked it up and found out that Mr. Sallis *is* Wallace! Thanks for taking the time to post this video.

  19. taywil64 says:

    The series is a classic – good to see it again! Thank you.

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