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Last Night, Watching Television

Last Night, Watching Television

Image by It’sGreg

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35 Responses to “Last Night, Watching Television”

  1. edwardjackman says:

    I don’t know much about tones, textures, lighting…but I know they’re all working here.

    rhis is fantastic Greg.

  2. Lynn.... says:

    WOW, now THAT is very cool.

  3. Patrick T Power says:

    Makes me think of Tom Waits’ "What’s He Building"…

  4. emdot says:

    oh i like. i like. and i feel like we are getting a real glimpse of you here.

  5. Douglas Roesch says:

    Astonishing. Like a bronze statue, then you suddenly realize it’s a real person. This is really great.

  6. Vida Morkunas says:

    what a beautiful self-portrait. Love the rich tones and colours.

  7. Tiggywinkle says:

    Very nice!

  8. Perlette says:

    ritratto affascinante…
    il tutto molto affascinante…

  9. Môsieur J. [version 3.99a] says:

    great (self-portrait) colors & tones & tags :-) ) love this !

  10. Jean Albus says:

    I love it.

  11. Indy Charlie says:

    The warm tones are a great contrast to the cool, hard bricks. I like.

  12. It'sGreg says:

    Thanks everybody. I’d brought the camera into the room to photograph an opossum outside the window, but the little bugger wouldn’t hold still. So I figured I could play possum, so to speak.

  13. digikuva says:

    Beautiful light and handome man!

  14. JOHNNY FOTO says:


  15. Linda's Many Muses says:

    Fantastic light, and dare I say it, devilishly delicious.

  16. Michael™ says:

    This is great! I love the shadows and the color of the reflected light. Very nice!

  17. buckarooken says:

    really good photo

  18. _barb_ says:

    this had me looking for a long time. such an interesting photo! the bricks and window in the background are such a nice touch to this portrait.

  19. LunaSol says:

    what a warmly beautiful photograph

  20. It'sGreg says:

    Again, thanks everybody for the kind comments.

  21. Linus Gelber says:

    Super. Wish I’d taken this. It’s really beautiful.

  22. KarmenRose says:

    I can’t stop looking at it.

  23. (michelle) says:

    i keep returning to this one. it’s so darkly beautiful.

  24. Steve Hanson says:

    Reminds me of my lonely days in grad school.

  25. Fant says:

    Only a 4 word title? C’mon, add "Handsome Greg"!!

  26. asimpleheartcrying says:


  27. *Meredith says:

    Top dollar. That has got to be one of the most intriguing and frustrating lighting set ups out … I’m just willing the rest of that face to appear out of the shadows. Excellent.

  28. Madzuela says:

    A warmth and a darkness entwined. Beautiful.

  29. myla kent says:

    i’m not sure how I missed this one — but this is hands down one of the most amazing portraits I’ve ever seen. I’d love to know how you did it.

  30. Farfarm (taking a break) says:

    Pleased to meet you !

  31. tamelyn says:

    Is this your house? you have real brick walls in your house? wow!

    this is such a great shot … with the warm / olive tones and the backlighting, it almost looks like a finely done illustration.

  32. side-show-bob says:

    very nice! jeff lebowski? :-)

  33. david_shankbone says:

    This photograph is just brilliant. Well done.

  34. Albino © says:

    Are you Jeff Bridges’ brother? :) )

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