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Larry Hovis on Chico and the Man

Larry Hovis appears in the Pilot episode of Chico and the Man
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16 Responses to “Larry Hovis on Chico and the Man”

  1. mrceebees14 says:

    “by the time you regain consciousness, it will be four hours.”


  2. swingersfan says:

    You know, they should have a special youtube channels for classic shows like Chico and The Man that would let people watch all the episodes from all the seasons. If the companies that own the rights to these shows won’t bother releasing them on DVD, perhaps they can find they’re audience here on the site.

  3. Mick342 says:

    I don’t have a cheque but i do have………A Golden Ticket. :P

  4. microbusss says:

    no silly its a Nash Rambler from the 1950s

  5. adamdicy says:

    Agreed 100% since both Chico and the Man and Sanford & Son were on NBC it would’ve been perfect for Demond Wilson and Redd Foxx to make appearances as their characters Lamont and Fred, since in the 70′s alot of crossovers where happening….and it would’ve been a great appearance.

  6. desiarnazfan1951 says:


  7. Txslabhurta says:

    Is that a Dodge Magnum…Lol

  8. Captmiloman says:

    I remember one episode that opened with Chico rolling a beat up tire into the garage:

    Chico:Ed, this is the last time we buy anything from Sanford & Son.

    That would’ve been a good crossover episode.

  9. spareaxe says:

    not to worry, he’s just mad cause his foreskin is missing!!

  10. johnsmdm says:

    stop blaming jews sir!

  11. Kateyhall says:

    Brings back memories of my childhood!

  12. liarsclub75 says:

    It’s the first episode. Larry was asked by the producer to do this to kick teh show off. He loved working with Freddie Prinze and Jack Albertson.

    Have you ever seen the Christan soap opera Jack Albertson was on? I think it had something to do with a blind man.

  13. knowsoop says:

    that isn’t the pilot episode, but good clip!

  14. liarsclub75 says:

    Looks like a wet alleyway. Don’t know what it is doing there.

  15. jjelder06 says:

    what was that thing that flashed at about 37-39 seconds or there abouts?

  16. whthell666 says:

    This was so so so so funny. I love

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