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Larry Hovis on Adam-12

Larry Hovis plays an agent to an actress hungry for attention on this Adam-12 episode. Actress played by Edy Williams http
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25 Responses to “Larry Hovis on Adam-12”

  1. user92126 says:

    I Love Adam 12

  2. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    I loved this show, it always inspired me to think about becoming a cop, never did though.

  3. Zerojquan says:

    DAM.. Adam 12 is kinda cool… kinda want to watch it all now..

  4. tripjet999 says:

    “I suppose you’re gonna bust me, huh?”


  5. fmscribs says:

    yeah, a bad case of sunburn on your twat, baby. lol

  6. MiGrm9 says:

    Oh how I love Pete and Jim!!! I’ll have to catch the full episode on netflix or buy the darn dvd. :)

  7. RETreadingengineer says:

    At my age, she looks dam good.

  8. YouWastesTube says:

    Who will handle this 3-11-W call?

    I will, and as usual, bringing my Voightlander Zoom lense 35MM cam.

  9. YouWastesTube says:

    Why don’t women like that ever express themselves when I go to a public place??

  10. IronManXXX says:

    Larry Hovis…from Hogan’s Heros..

  11. Gorbachenko says:

    I don’t know, but you can bet every cop in the division would have showed up to this call…

  12. DrPhilMusic says:

    I bet it is. it probably also sparked the episode where Adam-12 had to deal with riots too?

    That’s a good one too.

  13. ShananagansOnYou says:

    Have anyone seen the one with Rodney King’s father on here, they pulled him over and arrested him because he was dropping acid

    It’s a good one

  14. chrisgreulich says:

    I love this show and Dragnet because they show hippies and addicts for what they are, losers in life.

  15. HardworkingAmerican says:

    She must be one of them hippies from Berzerkley California. Not that that’s a bad thing.

  16. starringJayMcK says:

    I wonder if Sexy Edy boffed Martin Milner. Edy was famous for going thru at least two thirds of the cast and crew on any given shoot. Im hoping Big Marty got his.

  17. SagansMoon says:

    Ugh…..a hippy….

  18. KCJazzKeys says:

    WOW! How did they find a parking spot that close to the beach! I loved this show as a kid. Love to see some full episodes.

  19. virus20021 says:

    awesome show!

  20. 1more4theroad says:

    This is back when ladies had shape…not skin on top of bones. Loved this show!

  21. glassgodofdoom says:

    hey what gives?

  22. publica6 says:

    These shows portray LAPD as being polite and
    courteous but back in the day L.A. cops would
    drag you in into a alley and split your fucking head open..still do too..

  23. guanacoool says:

    adam12 es la rampart station ellos no podian andar por la palya casi todos los capitulos los filmaron en el valle de san fernando burbank glendale y unas playas.ellos deberian aver estado en el mc arthur park laffayette park temple blv pico bl olimpic bl convention center echo park area right

  24. primeralives says:

    Looks like Carter escaped from Stalag 13 and went through a time warp to 1969

  25. recordman64 says:

    Say, what’s Sgt. Carter doing with the hot babe? Shouldn’t Col. Hogan be with her? ;)

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