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Larry Hovis on Adam-12

Larry Hovis plays an agent to an actress hungry for attention on this Adam-12 episode. Actress played by Edy Williams http
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Larry Hovis on Adam-12”

  1. storrs19 says:

    A 311W (311 is indecent exposure and the W means a woman). What a great show. I used to watch it on TVLand before that channel went downhill. Now its on Antenna TV every day at 1:30pm EST.

  2. MLP88 says:

    You gotta love the socked-in fog counter-punching the entire premise here.

  3. BlackLedDoor94 says:

    I still watch this every morning.

  4. cam68 says:

    I used to watch this every day after school at 3:30 back in the early 80′s!! Great show!!

  5. cochranexyz says:

    I remember this episode!!

  6. VanWADebbie says:

    Officer, is this a bust? (.) (.)

  7. SLB161991 says:

    Kent McCord was hot back then in the early seasons.

  8. PistolPackingPatriot says:

    I grew up on this stuff. Back when cops were “the good guys.” Hey Malloy – ever heard of “illegal search and seizure?”
    Ahhh…. And Larry Hovis. Couldn’t place the name until seeing his face. Better known as “Carter” from his “Hogan’s Heroes” days.
    “One-Adam-Twelve… See the man…” :)

  9. SaleGuy says:

    This is from season 6

  10. buzzlewie says:

    “1 Adam 12 roger.”

  11. thebelly2010 says:

    Edy rocks!

  12. 80s4U says:

    That guy with the cameras looks like the Hybrid for Mr. Furley on Three’s Company.

  13. aussiebluemax says:

    haven’t seen adam 12 since the seventies watched them all.

  14. darrylhaynes says:

    i was 11 when this show came on the air….im now 53….where did the time go…

  15. user92126 says:

    I Love Adam 12

  16. LonesomeTroubadour says:

    I loved this show, it always inspired me to think about becoming a cop, never did though.

  17. Zerojquan says:

    DAM.. Adam 12 is kinda cool… kinda want to watch it all now..

  18. tripjet999 says:

    “I suppose you’re gonna bust me, huh?”


  19. fmscribs says:

    yeah, a bad case of sunburn on your twat, baby. lol

  20. MiGrm9 says:

    Oh how I love Pete and Jim!!! I’ll have to catch the full episode on netflix or buy the darn dvd. :)

  21. RETreadingengineer says:

    At my age, she looks dam good.

  22. YouWastesTube says:

    Who will handle this 3-11-W call?

    I will, and as usual, bringing my Voightlander Zoom lense 35MM cam.

  23. YouWastesTube says:

    Why don’t women like that ever express themselves when I go to a public place??

  24. IronManXXX says:

    Larry Hovis…from Hogan’s Heros..

  25. Gorbachenko says:

    I don’t know, but you can bet every cop in the division would have showed up to this call…

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