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Larry Haines (Stu, “Search For Tomorrow”) interview

Interview with actor Larry Haines, who played the role of Stu Bergman on “Search For Tomorrow” from 1951-86. Part 1 of 3.
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  1. CarlD2 says:

    Other Search actors who went on to big things – Jill Clayburgh, Robbie Benson, Joel Higgins, Michael Nouri, Jane Krawoski, Olympia Dukakis, Kevin Kline.

    Larry was a wonderful actor, such presence. He continued to give his best all the way up to his last soap role, LOVING’s Neal Alcott, in 1995.

  2. TheAngiehubbard says:

    Michael Nouri Debuts as Caleb McGraw on (ALL MY CHILDREN) May 24th watch weekdays on ABC!

  3. stopthemachine says:

    Does anyone have any footage of Billie Lou Watt in SEARCH? I’ve only heard her wonderful vocal performances, but I’ve never actually seen her physically acting in anything! Yes, Watt was great as Astroboy, Kimba and other early anime series. (Although, she never worked on SPEED RACER.) I’ve heard that Billie Lou was quite a talented actress in all of the media that she worked in.

  4. travis082185 says:

    mr haines died july of 2008

  5. joemontco says:

    How is his health? Is he still living? Any news on him?

  6. gymnastix says:

    Haines’career had actually begun on radio, mostly playing heavies on cop & gangster programs, but his range, distinctive voice & versatility led him to Broadway, films, and other television work, including an episode of Norman Lear’s “Maude,” as well as voice-over work, such as a memorable Kaopectate commercial with the slowed-to-a-stop, wind-up doll.

    Clearly this man’s talents had few limits!

  7. gymnastix says:

    His popularity extended to one very special home–The White House! It has been noted that Haines’ “Stu” was the favorite of the late, former First Lady Pat Nixon.

  8. gymnastix says:

    Haines’s “Stu” brought a much-needed, light-hearted tone to the daytime dlemmas in “Henderson,” the soap’s fictional locale. His befuddled manner & good-natured kidding of his character’s spouses, and his comic sensibilities interacting with other of the show’s characters, earned him a warm welcome in the homes of millions over the three and a half decades the soap was on the air.

  9. gymnastix says:

    After a respectable mourning period, “Stu” then married his long-time secretary of his automobile business, “Ellie Harper,” played by Billie Lou Watt, a talented voice actress whose voice may be heard on the Japanese animated features “Kimba, The White Lion” and “Speed Racer,” among others.

  10. gymnastix says:

    Bergman’s character of “Stu” was first married to “Marge Bergman,” played from 1951-71 by Melba Rae, who became the first major TV soap opera star to die while a program was still in production, when she passed away due to a cerebreal hemorrhage in 1971. Out of tribute to Rae, her character was written out of the show as also having died, rather than re-cast with a new actress.

  11. gymnastix says:

    Larry Haines is a great and talented actor, who for 35 years played “Stu Bergman,” on TV’s “Search For Tomorrow,” devoted friend and confidante to the show’s protagnist, “Joanne Gardner Barron Tate Reynolds Vincente Tourneur,” also played for 35 years (in fact, from the very first to the very last episode) by the late, great Mary Stuart.

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