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Video Rating: 4 / 5

posted by chris in Kid's Shows and have Comments (25)

25 Responses to “LAND OF THE LOST INTRO”

  1. JohannaGotTalent41 says:

    god we had some great shows in the 70s

  2. Jorgyandme says:

    lol……looking back the graphics were horrible :) but we loved it, I used to watch it all the time :)



  4. Dinoman217 says:

    Marshal, Will, and Holly
    On a routine expedition
    Met the greatest earthquake
    Ever known
    High on the rapids
    Struck their tiny raft
    Shot them down a thousand feet below
    To the Land of the Lost!

  5. paulpaid says:

    makes me want a big bowl of Honey comb

  6. hoosierhiver says:

    I wonder what Holly is up to these days?

  7. shannyb5 says:

    I always remember toward the end of the intro that if he stuck his head into that cave-hole….he was gonna eat us.

  8. kudiepie says:

    I saw the syndicated episodes in the 80′s…this was all we had to watch. There was no Jurassic Park back then.

  9. brandaddy0 says:

    what song is that?

  10. tw69hands2 says:

    That and the folk rock harmony is really groovy.

  11. danielmountain says:

    @Tiamat1156 agreed, television shows back then actually had a storyline and character development. CGI can’t replace decent script writing.

  12. MsDsparks says:

    Wow how funny , I had to show my son who is 9 years old what I used to watch as a child. We laughed of how scary the dinosaurs looked back than. pretty silly he said. I miss the old shows. Now I feel old !!

  13. wolfkarel says:

    @standtall67 You HAD a big crush on Holly?! Well, my crush on Holly was BIGGER than yours! :-D ~

  14. TheMashwatcher585 says:

    i loved this show as a kid

  15. darling67 says:

    @standtall67 Yeah, my brothers and sister and I used to watch it, too. But even back then we recognized how cheesy it really was. We laughed at the “Aaaaahhhhhh!” as they drop from the waterfall at 0:26.

  16. tfan68 says:

    The laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand of the lost ost ost ost :)

  17. Tiamat1156 says:

    As cheesy as the effects were, the story for this show can’t be duplicated. This show had infinite potential. While the movie to this show had the effects but the story was complete garbage. Me, I’d rather have story and cheesy effects any day.

  18. simwrangler says:

    @standtall67 You had a crush on Holly too? LOL!!!

  19. BentBrent69 says:

    @themightycelestial Hilarious! And so very true.

  20. TodAG69 says:

    What I’d like to see is a reunion show where, as old as they are now, they all get home (minus the Dad since he went back supposedly in the series after)

  21. SuckkerFree215 says:

    OMG this makes me feel 5 again lol

  22. locco4coco says:

    Cheesy but funny!

  23. vmvlkc says:

    Only reason I watched this show was because of the dinosaurs. Oh, and that hissing the sleestaks made creeped my sister out too.

  24. arzon75 says:

    thats so cheesy, its just AWESOME.

  25. tdelamont says:

    Man oh man I had a crush on Holly, and that blond girl from the Witch Mountain movies. And I couldn’t understand stand why my dad wouldnt watch this, but he really enjoyed Wonder Woman. Ha!

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