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Lancelot Link – The Reluctant Robot


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25 Responses to “Lancelot Link – The Reluctant Robot”

  1. sidp says:

    wow, people could watch this for AN HOUR at a time??

  2. I0h says:

    I love Lancelot Link, Thanks for posting

  3. Kikefriki says:


  4. DoubleDutchBust says:

    7:26pm Monday (CDT) – Time in Mississippi, United States of America

  5. DoubleDutchBust says:

    7:07pm Monday (CDT) – Time in Mississippi, United States of America

  6. DoubleDutchBust says:

    7:04pm Monday (CDT) – Time in Mississippi, United States of America

  7. DoubleDutchBust says:

    5:48pm Monday (CDT) – Time in Mississippi, United States of America

  8. Cejuan25 says:

    as of 38 years ago, yes.

  9. larhonda567 says:

    What a blast from the past! I used to love this show! Thanks for posting it!

  10. executionerofgod says:


  11. meatwad260 says:

    please,PLEASE tell me this is canceled.

  12. corticalmass says:

    Dr. Strangemind looks a lot like Abe Vigoda

  13. junkie4vids says:

    Production of that TV show halted after the chimps decided to rip off the ear of the producer and then proceed to sever the hands of the show’s writers. Just a guess…

  14. 3dixthus says:

    see that…. we should all be full of love….. stop all the hate and anger and feed some ducks….
    thank you mata and lancelot!

  15. myhouserulesyou says:

    Reminds me of MLK’s family – they’re morons, too.

  16. Spacedfan09 says:

    They are on DVD!!!!

  17. Allanforbes says:

    The Orangatane never talks! Look at Lance call for the duckies! You hoo! Brilliant improv to the chimp reactions!! HILARIOUS! I’m 32 and laughing as much as when I watched this on Nick at Night!

  18. ireneemma says:

    This was without a doubt the greatest TV show, kids or adults! Put a monkey in a suit and I am sold! This was on the air when I was a kid of about 5 or 6 and am now in my late 40′s. And it still entertains me! Thanks

  19. speciesamused says:

    They remind me of my grandparents.
    I loved this show.
    Thanks for the upload. One love.

  20. krunkinstein says:

    Howd They get get her to thread the needle! lolz

  21. fatlumskate says:

    scheise scheise so scheise mega scheise

  22. eckyboyo says:

    Yes I know what you mean. It really looked like a real gorilla to me too. Then the alarm went off and I woke up!

  23. aardvaark069 says:

    They smoked a lot o pot and did a lot o drugs back in them days would be my guess……….

  24. nickothompson says:

    I love this show… I miss it…this is back when TV had some originiality… I hope they were treated good (the chimps). I would by these on DVD if they existed.

  25. chimpstop says:

    This is one of the few episodes I remember clearly…and nearly forty years later was stunned to discover that the Robot wasn’t really a Gorrilla: It was a guy with a Gorrilla Mask and Hands…and they were spray painted silver for that “Robotic” look.

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