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Lancelot Link: The Dreaded Hong Kong Sneeze

My kids and I just watched this episode this weekend. Despite the show’s age and the fact that they didn’t get all of the spy jokes, they thoroughly enjoyed it. Kids love talking monkeys!

Lance Link Episode
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Lancelot Link: The Dreaded Hong Kong Sneeze”

  1. pisces300 says:

    I LOVED this show !!!

  2. curlytoes79 says:

    As an advocate for animal rights, I think this is wrong. Secret agent chimps should be left alone to fight crime in their natural habitats.

  3. AnimalLover1977 says:

    I remember this show. I loved it. 

  4. roberthesterphoto says:

    Hong Kong sneeze catching on in Pittsburgh? WTF?!

  5. ChasedByGoats says:

    Knockout Drop!!!

  6. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    the narrator sounds like same dude who used to Say Same Bat Channel Same Bat Time on the old Adam West BATMAN shows..

  7. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    I remember one christmas I wanted a Lancelot Link Monkey. I really thought they could talk. Watching this video I see my dad wasnt a dam liar. I remember getting my azzz whipped for calling my dad a liar… I heard my mother say that. But I remember he whipped me and he also said. Thats just chewing gum.. Now I see he was right. I owe him a apology. Kids see what they want to .. Then I wanted some SEA monkeys I ordered from Comic Book. Nutthin but TADPOLES Eeeew. creeepy

  8. WonderWomanFan4life says:

    OMG i used to love this show. I even had calendars of Lancelot Link..this show kicked buttt bigtime.. I mean when i was 5.

  9. 4SkorMusic says:

    The real “Evolution Revolution” is happening on my channel.

  10. switcherx says:

    @culpit well they prefer Chinese food

  11. culpit says:

    I didn’t know chimps liked pizza.

  12. delorme42 says:

    This was the kids version of Man from UNCLE or Woman of UNCLE. both ran around the same time period. When I watched it as a kid, I thought it was corny then too. LOL

  13. Lavendise says:

    I love Lancelot Link!

  14. jros83 says:

    @swampfoxer lancelot link came out in 1970. fail.

  15. kerbear386 says:

    “Oh That’s Just My Golf Club Phone..”

  16. kerbear386 says:

    It’s So Cute When They Show All The Monkeys Sneezing :}

  17. ninyae says:

    “What’s your theory Darwin?” Oh how funny is that?

  18. real213 says:

    HA!!! monkeys in people clothes….

  19. peternoer says:

    same as the “agent Orange” stuff

  20. myhouserulesyou says:

    This video probably gave the government the idea to create the ”swine flu”.

  21. swampfoxer says:

    Now I know why psychedelic drugs were so common in the 60′s…….
    Lancelot Link was the best. I loved that show!!

  22. Meisterdieb says:

    To whoever uploaded this: could you use some other audio settings – almost impossible to hear anything

  23. Alfrunk says:


  24. idak12 says:

    Incredible and funny too

  25. wei84me says:

    thanks so much for posting this. an all time classic i used to watch as a kid.thanks once again.whatcha gonna do

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