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Lancelot Link: Opening Credits

“Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp” was an ABC Saturday morning staple between 1970-72.

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25 Responses to “Lancelot Link: Opening Credits”

  1. fivebearrugs says:

    I remember when Nickelodeon aired this in the 80s on both their regular *and* Nick-at-Nite lineup :) CHUMP is awesome, lol! There’s an Arab agent, 2 Asians, a mad scientist, a German and his chauffeur and a Brit!

  2. 4SkorMusic says:

    The real “Evolution Revolution” is happening on my channel.

  3. fangsteen says:


  4. fangsteen says:

    When i was three this show was alternately
    Depression induceing monotnous scary (chimps REALLY??!!!?…). And chimp acting as”"Darwin” made me profoundly sad
    Oh yeah it was just awfull, This vid brought
    It the feeling right back except
    It wase

  5. mastmedia says:

    Ali Assa Seen and Wicked Wong Fu. lol!

    Xenophobic much?

  6. mastmedia says:

    @patsbassoon “this was legal in america?”

    LOL! I’m afraid it was.

    And what makes it worse, they worked for bananas.

    Outsourcing in the Animal Kingdom. Anything to save a buck.
    That’s the American way.

    Dance monkey, dance. lol.

  7. Fleshcucumber1 says:

    lol this brings back the memories…It was always funnier after a couple joints…heh

  8. cindybahe says:

    I am in tears! I haven’t seen this since it aired in the 70′s. Maybe Lancelot Link Secret Chimp could put Ali Assa Seen to work, get rid of Al Quida, stop the war and bring our troops home!

  9. SteveCarras says:

    Or people with a more cynical sense of humor?:-)

  10. comic93 says:

    @redstrat riiiiiiiggght!

  11. MrCheezeWhizz says:

    anyone know where i can get this on mp3?

  12. JimmyCaravan says:

    Brilliant…I miss this show! Better than what passes for entertainment these days…

  13. glimmer2158 says:

    Chimps like to throw dookie at your face.

  14. GLHat says:

    I remember watching this on Saturday mornings on Comedy Channel (right before it became Comedy Central).

  15. patsbassoon says:

    this was legal in america?

  16. planetiowa says:

    I was in the Air Force at Kingsley Field, OR, when this show started. Several bored chums gathered around the black and white TV to watch.

  17. ctdsnark says:

    Imagine if they tried to bring this back—who do you suppose would protest first,PETA or the ACLU?

  18. fernandogrungero10 says:

    eee una de mis series favoritas de pipiripao ja.

  19. ninyae says:

    The Baron! Yay!

  20. MagnetoMasterOfEvil says:

    @MagnetoMasterOfEvil I believe Lancelot Link agency’s motto was “YES WE CAN”

  21. MagnetoMasterOfEvil says:

    @foodstooge LMAO!!!! Yes, I do know what you mean.LOL!

  22. foodstooge says:

    Is this racist? YOU know what I mean.

  23. PatrioticPirate says:

    @Sprocketman I wasn’t fortunate enough to afford cable TV back then.

  24. Sprocketman says:

    @PatrioticPirate Not even when they played it like five days a week on Nickelodeon in the mid 80s, with the Monkees?

  25. lunaticsandliars says:

    It is not as good as I remember it.

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