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Kozinski on the Dating Game (and Squiggy, too!)

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25 Responses to “Kozinski on the Dating Game (and Squiggy, too!)”

  1. reprobacious says:

    Boo, false advertising. I was expecting the Unabomber!

  2. reprobacious says:

    @Kansasgurl17 Lol, that would be Lenny.

  3. jond21 says:

    What a stud!

  4. rw5791 says:

    ted kozinski?

  5. kresblain says:

    That’s David Lander you’re thinking of. I wonder who bachelor number 3 in this clip was alongside him and Kozinski.
    :o )

  6. stpbrakefluid says:

    damn. . .he was handsome . . .cute clip.

  7. dorotttta says:

    I though it’s abut JErzy Kozinski and that is the first one :>

  8. felixthemaster1 says:


  9. dorotttta says:

    yeah, you think nobody toticed? O_o

  10. felixthemaster1 says:

    notice, when he kissed, he was chocking her, and she dropped her hat!


  11. Kansasgurl17 says:

    Thats his name Squiggy, I was trying to think of that name for so long now. Now I forgot the guy he is in Laverne and Shirley with. Wow bad memory.

  12. showtuneful says:

    That’s true he wouldn’t be old enough but there aren’t any other celebrities by that name today so it suckers viewers.

  13. dotaliens says:

    why would anyone think that guy would be old enough to be on this show? Huh?

  14. Gnillob802 says:

    Really? Hmmm, spending too much time on the wrong websites I guess. Try a few news sites. First try googling his name. Clue: He wears a robe.

  15. showtuneful says:

    Idiot roumanian. People think its gonna be Kozinski who plays Jim on The Office.

  16. guillaume2005 says:

    man alex was hot

  17. rammstew says:

    He strangles her, at 0:31

  18. frostedhead says:

    Who the hell is Alex Kosinki?

  19. sufitul says:

    he’s actually more of a republican leaning independent judge by virtue of his libertarian outlook.

  20. dashboardhula says:

    Squiggy rules!

  21. kiokiller24 says:

    lol. he messaed up her hurr. =] lol, i put that so i can hear the audio preview ^.^

  22. foulmouthfromsouth says:

    I cannot believe Squiggy lost to this punk.

    Lenny & Squiggy Rule.

  23. karoliux23x says:

    my brother ;DD

  24. deltapunk21 says:

    Demented fruitcake democrat piece of shit

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