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Kojak (STEREO)

TV Intro for this cult TV Detective series from the 1970′s. Created by Abby Mann. With Telly Savalas, Dan Frazer, Kevin Dobson & George Savalas.

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13 Responses to “Kojak (STEREO)”

  1. lavernemariebutler says:

    Who Loves Ya Baby! We do, Telly! Miss ya too. There are no more cool, tough cops like you around anymore.

  2. sjbroccoli100 says:

    @Gallant0 yes..he was the nastiest of the nasty…lol

  3. Gallant0 says:

    Hey, it’s the pervert from The Dirty Dozen.

  4. born2groove422 says:

    tell me about it

  5. mainpaiges says:


  6. lowridercolombia says:

    @ElCalvoDeKojak valla que rico ya me imagine tu vagina temblando al ritmo ese tema jejejeje

  7. TheLizardKing1967 says:

    Who loves ya baby.

  8. Tater1951 says:

    “Who loves ya, baby?”

  9. MohawkRacetrack says:

    The king of cop shows to this day! nothing copares to Kojack !

  10. transitny says:

    My memory might be playing tricks, but I think this was originally the end credits music. After a couple of seasons, it became the opening theme.

  11. thehythe says:

    This is the first time I have hard this intro in Stereo, back in the 70′s we had Mono sound .

  12. ElCalvoDeKojak says:

    El sonido 5.1 me hace tamblar la vagina oh si si que rico se siente mmmmmmmmmmmm

  13. icbr says:

    This has to be one of the most underrated intros in TV history. What a great tune.

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