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Kojak Season 2 Open

Opening titles to Kojak’s Season 2 episode “A Really Deadly Game” starring Telly Savalas, Kevin Dobson and Roger Robinson.

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25 Responses to “Kojak Season 2 Open”

  1. TheMetalVagabond says:

    he made being bold popular, he was the man, great actor

  2. menashe4715 says:

    Love the episode where he rounds up this gangster out of his moms brooklyn apt and he goes next door to some other old guy to make the phone call… when the guy answers he claims there aint anyone there… so Kojak shows him and then you see 50 people coming out of some nice old ladys apt in Brooklyn…amazing stuff…and they always served up the grittiness with the Manhattan glitz and glam

  3. The1baddman says:

    After a 5 yr hiatus;i don’t understand why; season 2 of Kojak will be released thru Shout Factory on Sept. 27,2011 if the date doesn’t changed.

  4. dennisconnolly1 says:

    Very Cool!

  5. doctorw2 says:

    kojak badassss detective!

  6. dennisconnolly1 says:

    Very Cool!

  7. trackudown1 says:

    Better acting back then.

  8. farnumbp says:

    After so many years I am still impressed by this opening

  9. harrison58 says:


  10. TheTallMan35 says:

    @spinmonkey4401 Aha! If they make a movie based on Kojak like they did with Starsky and Hutch, that’s who they should get to play Kojak! Or better yet, a movie about his life.

  11. spinmonkey4401 says:

    Kojak could beat Vin Diesel’s ass.

  12. 28crocker says:

    One of my favorite cop shows,today they dont even compare,just pure crap.

  13. doctorw2 says:

    telly savalas fantastic actor!

  14. 0DiamondsR4EVEr says:

    Theo d’Or

  15. XMChipXM says:

    @1:12, you can lip-read Telly Savalas perfectly: “I bet you will!”

  16. BaronVonSchtupp88 says:

    I’m still waiting for the celebrity guest star body count of how many were shot or killed by Theo. I remember Bruno Kirby took a bullet from him in one episode.

  17. raidouble says:

    those days actors had to act there were very few props

  18. cbsctomh says:

    Stabros, get in here!!!

  19. ubelieveinme2oo says:

    Me and my class met Telly Savalas in the waiting area of a play on broadway in 1977 and he gave all of us his autograph. My friend knew Telly and George and my friend used to drive Telly from Newark Airport to Telly’s moms house in Montclaire. I love Kojak and all the 1970′s.

  20. lookingfortalent2007 says:


    is that to say that Theo Kojak wouldn’t be on facebook?

  21. Kostagh says:

    Who loves you baby?

  22. rzxw says:

    My father met kojak in new york in the late 70s while vacations. He was walking with a friend or a bodyguard and was really friendly and nice guy.

  23. xMazingerZ says:

    Kojak ressemble à l’Ombre Jaune dans Bob Marane lol

  24. klisher says:

    telly savalas was the hardest guy ever to appear on tv. i wouldn’t mess with him

  25. bobszvetics1 says:

    when is season two coming on dvd universal

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