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Kojak Intro

Telly Savalas as ‘Kojak’ – the intro to the greatest police drama of all time – 1973. Posted by Nicholas Savalas –
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25 Responses to “Kojak Intro”

  1. wallofvideo says:

    there was kojak and there was the dad on “webster” but other than that have there been any other greek-descent leading men on a u.s. tv series?

  2. bjroberts65 says:

    Location…Location…Location…I didn’t like Kojak because 80% of it was filmed in Hollywood studios….Streets of San Francisco and Hawaii 5-0 were way better shows because they were filmed entirely on location.

  3. markos6363 says:

    @barmtrail he sucked on plenty of tits … just not on camera.

  4. toughguynumberone says:


    Thats right, today you need Pay-TV to see quality.

  5. jgrab1 says:

    I’ll bet the title graphics that turned from their bottom to face the viewer were pretty high tech for the day.

  6. MrDavkoz says:

    Telly Savalas, a man’s man!

  7. rkmugen says:

    I saw two episodes of Kojak this year when they did a special airing of it on my local, independent TV station. This was my first time ever seeing this show… just awesome!

  8. ericdapugi says:

    Det. Kojak is so cool

  9. cetieel says:

    Great plots scripts acting and directing.
    No need for gratuitous violence or sex to try and sell the show to the viewer
    Hollywood needs to look back at the golden era of American tv and take notes

  10. mofiziul says:

    @barmtrail …WELL SAID cant find anything to add to that comment!

  11. Tomater768 says:

    His most famous line: “Who loves ya, baby?” No one had more style than Telly!

  12. s123rew says:

    @thebellymob which 10% is great tv?

  13. chasxyz1234 says:

    Which famous guest star will Kojak shoot this week?

  14. TheTalentedMrRipley1 says:

    Back in the days they sure packed a lot of drama into a 60 minute show.. Looking back now those cop shows like Kojak and so on where like Mini movies.. real gritty and and the theme music used was fantastic… Todays youth is subject to crap and Brainless reality shows. Thank God for Satelite Tv but they should show these classic cop shows and dramas.. But Thanks to DVD and You Tube us Old Skoolers can relive those Glory Tv days

  15. Kostagh says:

    Yeap… those were the days man! Kojak! Boy! Was that a TV series, or what?

  16. Jethro719 says:

    It’s a longer, awesome story but In 1984 I gave Telly a ride to Del Mar where his horse was running. He WAS THE SHIT. I felt like I was riding with royalty.

  17. thebellymob says:

    Well said Barmtrail, 90% of tv now is total shit.

  18. spacepatrolman says:

    @barmtrail They had a story on 60 minutes that kojak was popular in soviet satelite countrys but they put it on tv on sunday morning when veiwers were supposed to go to church

  19. TheSecretOfLongLife says:

    My favor all the times,,, amei,, amei,,,

  20. cool70200 says:

    kojak the pimp dog

  21. sst888 says:

    @betergigech Thank you. How kind of you. Many in the world today wish to see us damned.

  22. sst888 says:

    Telly Savalas was a badass.

  23. trpacosian says:

    I remember this shit too! Yeah, i do miss the ’70′s! Savalas was tight!

  24. billyralphweeden says:

    Sunday nights at 9 or 10 oclock. I love the original theme.

  25. OlegKostoglatov says:

    Kojak was a good show but the theme and cars weren’t as good as Hawaii Five-O and some of the other shows.

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