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Kojak Intro

Telly Savalas as ‘Kojak’ – the intro to the greatest police drama of all time – 1973. Posted by Nicholas Savalas –
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25 Responses to “Kojak Intro”

  1. Kostagh says:

    Yeap… those were the days man! Kojak! Boy! Was that a TV series, or what?

  2. Jethro719 says:

    It’s a longer, awesome story but In 1984 I gave Telly a ride to Del Mar where his horse was running. He WAS THE SHIT. I felt like I was riding with royalty.

  3. thebellymob says:

    Well said Barmtrail, 90% of tv now is total shit.

  4. spacepatrolman says:

    @barmtrail They had a story on 60 minutes that kojak was popular in soviet satelite countrys but they put it on tv on sunday morning when veiwers were supposed to go to church

  5. TheSecretOfLongLife says:

    My favor all the times,,, amei,, amei,,,

  6. cool70200 says:

    kojak the pimp dog

  7. sst888 says:

    @betergigech Thank you. How kind of you. Many in the world today wish to see us damned.

  8. sst888 says:

    Telly Savalas was a badass.

  9. trpacosian says:

    I remember this shit too! Yeah, i do miss the ’70′s! Savalas was tight!

  10. billyralphweeden says:

    Sunday nights at 9 or 10 oclock. I love the original theme.

  11. OlegKostoglatov says:

    Kojak was a good show but the theme and cars weren’t as good as Hawaii Five-O and some of the other shows.

  12. bobbygray100 says:

    @woodstockhippie7 70′s i think!

  13. Del655 says:

    These 70′s cop shows were so good. The actors looked like real men and the scenery had that downtown industrial feel to it. So much better than the “male model” crap they show now.

  14. woodstockhippie7 says:


  15. betergigech says:

    thanks to all this series I had the best childhood Bless the USA FOREVER GREETINGS FROM MEXICO

  16. capone22g says:

    like it very much, greetings from Croatia :) )

  17. brianjcavanaugh says:

    Who loves ya, baby?

  18. midmodgal says:

    @lvcarmel some shots are filmed in downtown L.A. I saw an episode this morning (on Retro T.V.) where you could clearly see the famous mid-century Googie coffee shop in the background. Great show all the same!

  19. barmtrail says:

    Has anyone except me noticed the total and complete crap that is on T.V. today? Everything is so fake and scripted. You have to feel sorry for the woman actors because unless they will get naked they cant work! Something is very wrong with the people who run these studios. Parents be aware of what your kids are watching. Total trash. Kojack sucked on a sucker, not some womans tits.

  20. Trund27 says:

    @southerncajuncharm Awesome. Glad he’s beaten it!

  21. Tigrousauteur says:

    The “chauve” must go on ! lol

  22. lvcarmel says:

    @coolmamac I couldn’t agree with you more! One of the best police drama’s of all time! Filmed entirely in New York City

  23. tigerarmyrule says:

    @coolmamac Telly was the man.

  24. RetroJenny says:

    @jgdesign They are a dying breed indeed. I love the old cop shows from the 60s through the 80s. Enough with the CSI junk.

  25. cha5 says:

    If there was a Kojak DVD/Blu-Ray boxed set collection available,
    I’d buy it in a second.

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