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Kojak (Hard To Locate 1977 5th Season Opening – Jumpy Video High quality, Excellent Sound Quality)

The ideal and brief lived last season opening + theme to Kojak. Sorry about the frame by frame jumpy video quality. NOTICE: “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is created for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and analysis. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that may otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or private use tips the balance in favor of fair use.” If you are a Record Business, Film Business, employee or artist(s) themselves who object(s) to this commercially unavailable video footage being promoted on YouTube then please contact us to have it removed ahead of flagging it. At the exact same time you may also like to clarify to the fans why they cannot access this classic material in a decent top quality digital format anyplace else?
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Kojak (Hard To Locate 1977 5th Season Opening – Jumpy Video High quality, Excellent Sound Quality)”

  1. born2groove422 says:

    I dont like the new theme. the orginal was much better

  2. ryoushii says:

    WTF was that? Thank god my dad died BEFORE they aired that opening, it would have killed him.

  3. umaga3501 says:

    Good ol days…I really miss

  4. ATVmidlands5581 says:

    Thank you for your very kind comment :o )
    We (UK) always enjoyed saturday nights on the BBC back then when we would have Classic American cops shows like Kojak on about 9pm. That music is wonderful. They dont make em like they used to!! BTW, I absolutely have adored my trips to the USA :o )

  5. lavernemariebutler says:

    Are all these comments coming from the UK? well that doesn’t surprise me. You Brits have always had good taste!!!

  6. lavernemariebutler says:

    @nafkinn Also listen to Sylvia robinson singing the same theme song. Perfect!

  7. lavernemariebutler says:

    @recordman64 Yes! No question about it! it fits. and Telly was as large as life as KOJAK. I would love it if this style of cop came back to TV

  8. lavernemariebutler says:

    @sigvoice actually it fits perfectly with the times, the character, and the city! When I was a young girl, this was the New York I fell in love with. I knew where I wanted to be when i grew up. Lo and behold! I now live in Union City NJ just 15minutes from 42nd Street! Thanks Telly (and also Gene Hackman The French Connection) for inspiring my love of NYC!

  9. lavernemariebutler says:

    @nafkinn Tell me. Who do you think would make a good KOJAK style character today? I can only think of two actors who might be able to pull off this style: DENNIS FARINA and BRIAN DENNEHEY? But they are both a bit too old now. What is your opinion on that?

  10. lavernemariebutler says:

    THe big sound goes with this character. KOJAK was the cool, charismatic NYC cop
    earthy and real. At a fake bone in his body! The city of New York was also a great character in this TV show. They don’t (can’t) make them like this anymore. too many geeks and nurds on TV and too many geeks and nurds running TV! The closest thiing to a KOJAK character i’ve seen lately is the Dennis Farina character in a very brief season of LAW AND ORDER to replace Jerry Orbach. But even Farina can’t measure up.

  11. lavernemariebutler says:

    There was no mistaking who the star was in this TV show. Telly could be the only cop on screen and still hold your attention. It’s called charisma.. You can’t fake it. And looking at these old clips confirms, He still charms.”Who loves ya, baby?” We do, Telly!

  12. lavernemariebutler says:

    @archiveking I hope the pitiful tread in television programming today will be coming to an end soon. What will the style of t.v. be I wonder?
    Hopefully similar to the likes of Kojak. But who can fill the shoes of Telly Savalas? his was a certain type you cannot invent.
    The closest thing to Telly in style today would be Brian Dennehey, who is now too old to play this character type convincingly. unless they find a new comer, we won’t being seeing the likes of Savalas ever again. Alas..

  13. lavernemariebutler says:

    @ATVmidlands5581 You Brits have always had good taste!

  14. lavernemariebutler says:

    Thank you so much for this!

  15. lavernemariebutler says:

    @jmarcguy Netflix

  16. BBQFanNo1 says:

    The Coolest Cop Show Ever from Day 1 when I first saw the Pilot Movie in March 1973 and TV Series Premier in October 1973!

  17. smithdsmit says:

    I should try to watch these shows .I was a little kid in the 70′s and hated this show.I couldnt wait for it to get over. butnow i think id like it

  18. Tatumthirty2 says:

    KOJAK !!!

  19. mssquirrely says:

    That was one sexy azz man! OuuuuuWeeeee “Kojak!!” I use to love this show.

  20. 1959cypress says:

    kojak was ahead of his time.not to mention a bad ass.wish his type was around today.

  21. archiveking says:

    Seasons 4 and 5 are being released in the UK at the end of August 2011 – Great News!

  22. Lfdjake91 says:

    @MichaelJackson0o Yes, he did play 007′s arch fore Ernst Blowfeld in 1 of the Bond movies.

  23. 14jwh says:

    remember when NYC was so dangerous and out of control and the episode when Kojak’s nephew is a junky and his friend steals Kojak’s camera at a family party so they can hock it and shoot up drugs…then he is kicking drugs and puking all over the place…makes basketball diaries look like a disney show, would love to see that episode and show it to all the young snots messing around with heroin, counselors should use it in rehab centers

  24. megamanj2004X says:

    I actually enjoyed this version of the ’70s “Kojak” theme over the earlier ones, especially the S1 version, IMO.

  25. JESUS1John says:


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