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Kojak: “Birthday Party”

Kojak – ‘Birthday Party’ Starring Telly Savalas Media Producer: Nicholas Savalas – Also Starring George Savalas, Kevin Dobson, Dan Frazier Guest Starring: Richard Gere, Marco St. John, Donna Mitchell Director: Sigmund Neufeld, Jr. Producer: James McAdams Executive Producer: Matthew Rapf Written by: Steven Karabatsos Music: John Cacavas, Billy Goldenberg Running Time: 44:51
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to “Kojak: “Birthday Party””

  1. RememberingKnots says:

    kevin has less hair line seems

  2. MrBarelylethal says:

    @thaibites it was uploaded before youtube put a time limit on

  3. glasgoggomobil says:

    Thanks, nsavalas.

  4. jocksmen says:

    @thaibites 2true watched with passion
    when i lived in uk.!

  5. MrDUTCH57 says:

    there’s a very young richard gere in there at 2.42.

  6. poetrylost30 says:

    ahhh u get the feel nyc in gta4, nice. Have you got the episode where the cirme is collectable stamp theft.

  7. rgbm1 says:

    I would love to watch ”over the water” can you put that on.

  8. msk7046 says:

    Thank you! Would love to see more full length episodes…already watched Out of the Shadows!

  9. jpkmets says:

    telly was the man, just the Man!

  10. thaibites says:

    First of all, hats off to the person who managed to upload a 46 minute program on You Tube (what’s your secret?)
    Secondly, Kojak is so down and dirty and gritty – it totally captures America’s mood in the early to mid seventies. This episode is great!!! Absolutely no quarter!

  11. saturnday says:

    This was a great classic episode. Only thing is at the end where they are said to be at a “Charter Terminal” at Kennedy Airport, the scene was actually filmed at the central terminal of LaGuardia Airport.

  12. xsamitt says:

    i can’t wait to watch this…Good stuff…Keep Posting

  13. orion1052003 says:

    Kojak was a great show. Thanks for keeping it alive!

  14. MustafaJackson says:

    KOJAK WAS KING. The coolest lt. on any police force.

  15. jorgealbertobaron says:

    clasico de los 70s

  16. jorgealbertobaron says:


  17. tselegala says:


  18. Belchocsalsa says:

    I love these episodes. Thank you for letting me enjoy them again. And look at Richard Gere. How young he was…

  19. vandertop2 says:

    This was a great episode! I remember it well from watching it as a teenager. Thanks for posting the old Kojak videos. I am anxiously looking for more.

    God bless you, Telly!

  20. chibitiny says:

    Wow! RIchard Gere in a Kojak episode! He must have been in his twenties. Gere is suposed to be a Greek American…well. Good shots of the city!

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