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KNOTS LANDING: Season Six Opening Titles

Main credits.

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25 Responses to “KNOTS LANDING: Season Six Opening Titles”

  1. Koach127 says:

    @mar0sa Yes, I believe it is.

  2. mar0sa says:

    Michelle Lee… is she the same Michelle Lee who was in the Herbie film (where the car splits in two?!)

  3. valdejunquera says:

    @jphg I prefer the US version although i’m… French!!!!

  4. md991free says:

    Lisa Hartman had amazing legs in the show

  5. californiaguy11 says:

    Knots was the BEST ever!!! I lived just a few blocks from the Culdesac when they used to film there. The cast was amazing. I agree Abby was the BEST Bitch on T.V. ever. Constance McCashin is a true Lady in every sense of the word, BTW the season 6 opening music is available as a ring tone. I have it on my phone.

  6. ScottyDoug says:

    I’m torn btw Val’s babies dying and Ciji’s murder, for best Knots storyline of all

  7. danielleisthin says:

    love this show

  8. jmjfanss says:


    Look what happen the last time, tv revivals are just as terrible as reality shows.

  9. justjack78 says:

    best show ever!!! wish the studio would make it into dvd’s!

  10. keith4291 says:

    Constance Mc Cashin was a lady of pure class and sophistication!

  11. jphg says:

    LOL. soundtrack !
    -> the french soundtrack has to be heard, got a very good synth rif in it. Search for “côte ouest” and search for the remix by Minitel Rose too.

  12. Messylin says:

    Abby was the Queen Cunt of Primetime! LOVED her.

  13. socalman08 says:

    I have it as my ringtone with my wife. We watched Knots every Thursday while dating and were sad to see it end in 93.

  14. KATOSUBZERO says:

    Wed, 23 Feb 2011: “Dallas” and “Knots Landing” were my all time favorite night time t.v show. However, the opening music from season 6 is the best t.v show music of all time. It should be a cell phone ring tone.

  15. SoEightiesItHurts says:

    @nariman7959 I hear ya, buddy!

  16. nariman7959 says:

    miss 80s sooooooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuch

  17. Lovethemseventies says:

    This was such a great show. Very talented actors, great stories, and a great theme tune! Loved Abbie, Greg, Mack and Karen the best. Thanks for posting.

  18. drumdust says:

    That a lot of redheads!

  19. lcirej71 says:

    @dbastard1977 ONE MORE thing – Search Knots Landing Joshua dies, to see how he died. LOL

  20. lcirej71 says:

    @dbastard1977 – He was only in the show for one season. His character dies when he falls of a billboard. I think his death is still posted on YouTube.

  21. dbastard1977 says:

    I can’t remember Alec Baldwin on Knots Landing at all, why is that?

  22. gvt2u says:

    @linny50 For me, McCashin made the show. I know that Donna Mills was vital and was so terrific, but McCashin’s character was just so classy and also the most realistic, and I enjoyed her scenes more than any other characters. When they got rid of her, I could no longer enjoy the show and it went downhill.

  23. wakygee says:

    I remember Alex B! What a freakin hottie!
    Now he’s old and funny and I love him just as much

  24. bjroberts65 says:

    Me and my ex wife made sure we were ready, and did not want to be bothered from 10:00PM to 11:00PM every thursday night back in the mid eighties,,,,Thats how much we loved this show.

  25. linny50 says:

    And Yes Constance McCashin was excellent.Loved the way in she played that role, her and Summers Adult relationship was great and refreshing. Killing her off was not popular in my house.

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