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KNOTS LANDING: Season Eight Opening Titles

Primary titles.
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25 Responses to “KNOTS LANDING: Season Eight Opening Titles”

  1. DarthSideous63 says:

    @chuckgan SoapNet is being replaced in January for a Disney Kids channel.

  2. scrowfan41 says:

    Imiss this show. Liked it way far better than Dallas.

  3. chuckgan says:

    i wish SoapNet would start shwing reruns again. can’t find it anywhere, including dvd except season one.

  4. CarlD2 says:

    I didn’t realize how subliminal these credits were. Beautiful Ben spent his last season shouting, being angry, just like these credits. Poor Ben :( At least he put Lillimae in a headlock before he left.

  5. Olivia1214 says:

    I SOOOO Miss Knots Landing…

  6. wakygee says:

    My second favorite (DALLAS being my fave)
    OMG! They’re so old and putty/spackle-face now! (know-what-I-mean, Joan??)
    I like this opening best of all the KL years

  7. linny50 says:

    Val and Ben Forever! These opening Title sequences are the best of any show,I love how you get a flavor from the clips of the characters.

  8. Aeiras2 says:

    Great! it is nice to see how they still kept up to this intro: The image at the end of Abby at sunset and Val in her sofa. A classic! Love the music and the images of them all. :)

  9. Xstorm69 says:

    It did until they killed off Laura.

  10. CarlD2 says:

    @yaniv235 I didn’t like it either! He deserved better. At least he put Lillimae in a headlock before he left.

  11. platybus says:

    I miss Knots Landing…

  12. SoapFreak says:

    KNOTS= Perfection

  13. yaniv235 says:

    this was the last doug sheehan opening in knots landing i didnt like hoe he got out from the show

  14. travis082185 says:

    in the first season dvd release while watching the first episode joan and ted did a commentary and they both said they decided to drop the accent b/c they felt it wasn’t working

  15. dramaticguy says:

    Thats not really fair,Valene kept her Southern accent for a long time on Knots its when she made it as a successful writer,the accent was toned down,she was always very Southern with Lili Mae.

  16. TheJaking87 says:

    Linda Gray occasionally forgot to use a Texan accent on Dallas too.

  17. Fanik8 says:

    Shortly after Knots Landing went on the air the Valene character, who would no longer guest star on Dallas “lost” her southern accent and talked California.

  18. txsdboy says:

    The flute version has now been uploaded.

  19. saynotoursoap says:

    You’re right. There was also a dominant bell motif, too. Strangely, when the series went into syndication the flute/bell theme was replaced with the 2nd version. The only way to get it is to find a copy of the original network airings from 1986.

  20. strookman says:

    NOW THATS TV,I love KNOTS!!!!!

  21. dokboy77 says:

    I think of this credit sequence as a “transition” one, it is when the show was shifting from being a “late 70′s/early 80′s show to being a more late 80′s/early 90′s show….. by far my least favorite version of the song…

  22. txsdboy says:

    I might have a video version that came out on TNT many years ago. I have to look at vhs tapes, otherwise, I have an audio version on tape that I recorded live when I was a teen.

  23. JhomasE says:

    If we ever get to the season six DVD release, maybe it will show up.

  24. dramaticguy says:

    Yes this theme is a bit harsh liked the first two seasons theme better.

  25. Restlessi says:

    No she was still for the beginning of the next season in the show.

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