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Knot’s Landing Reunion

Joan Van Ark shows herusualsplendidself in this clip.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Knot’s Landing Reunion”

  1. KATOSUBZERO says:

    Wed, 23 Feb 2011: “Knots Landing” was one the greatest t.v shows ever and the theme show music was the best ever. Michelle Lee and Lisa Hartman were cute, but Donna Mills was the most beautiful and sexiest woman on a prime time night soap opera. nkd

  2. beefmageditor says:

    I LOOOOOVED this show.

  3. jasonROXcarlySUX says:

    the woman aged well.

  4. whoskin says:

    Joan must be addicted to plastic surgery!

  5. dave34ni says:


  6. LAI06370171 says:

    Joan Van Ark has taken it out of context though. Alan Ball obviously meant that Six Feet Under is also a domestic family melodrama set in California. Not that it was a rich, multi-layered character-study. Although from what I’ve seen so far, it occasionally comes close. There is something much more credible about it than the other 80′s soaps. I think the cast and crew pushed themselves.

  7. LAI06370171 says:

    Messylin, I agree she does go overboard with it all. But I just finished the first season and I was expecting a very tacky after-school special first season, before the producers decide to camp shit up. But episodes like The Lie and Bottom of the Bottle Part 1 and Part 2 are genuinely good television drama. There’s an entertaining balance between domestic realism and over-the-top situations.

  8. LordBicen says:

    @Messylin Dahling, My Shit doth not Stink! hehehe

  9. Messylin says:

    Joan Van Ark needs to stop deluding herself that Knots was some television masterpiece in the intellectual vein of Six Feet Under or Sopranos. Face it Joan – you were in a soap opera. She’s very Norma Desmond about the whole thing!

  10. mushymunch28 says:

    donna is the hottest of them all!

  11. tall32guy says:

    Oh btw Michele still looks and sounds great too. :)

  12. tall32guy says:

    @Deela1234 Joan still looks a lot like herself too! You can’t even tell she’s the age she is!! lol

  13. YB7780 says:

    @kidderguy They axed her to save money. Same with Julie Harris.

  14. Juliaflo says:

    Those of you who beleve that today’s television absolutely PALES in comparison with a masterpiece like this, raise your hand.

  15. AdArmand says:

    Donna Mills is solely responsible for the success of this show. These actors should be kissing her feet in homage – without Abby Ewing, Knots would be a footnote in television history – the bastard child of Dallas. Abby changed that and even the nefarious J.R. himself fell under her spell. Abby is Knots.

  16. 76special says:

    omg, your co-worker is so fortunate. I bet she was just as beautiful in high school.

  17. jpfan79 says:

    u r right..Donna Mills is definitely a class act. I love her. She’s from Chicago and her real name is Donna Miller. A co-worker of mine’s brother went to high school with her. I didn’t buy it at first until my co-worker showed me a yearbook. I about fell to the floor.

  18. 76special says:

    Donna Mills=Class Act.

  19. kidderguy says:

    In Uk soaps the only way a major star would be axed is if they have put bad publicity against the show. Very rarley would a big name be axed just for the sack of it so they should have kept Laura in Knots Landing.

  20. dramaticguy says:

    Yes she feels it in her past,also was very annoyed when her character Laura was killed off,really liked Laura.
    Think its a shame she doesn’t get involved on reunions,Laura was a big part of the show.

  21. Inyourlap says:

    Jona Van Ark overacts as an actress but overacts also in real life. She’s so annoying and screams like a 12 year old schoolgirl. Her hair, her face, gosh…

  22. InMedioStatVirtus says:

    michele likes drinking

  23. derbyshirelin says:

    love the programme it was about real life and the acting was great. where have all the good soaps gone. i met many of the cast and they were all so friendly and genuine. bring back knots landing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  24. vidhead85 says:

    I looooved the Abby slaps, that is my absolute favorite of the whole blooper segment. And I do understand with the whole trying to keep the fountain of youth thing, I mean, beauty is ageless.

  25. kidderguy says:

    Apparently Constance Mccashin ( Laura Avery) doesn’t have much to do with the show anymore

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