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Knots Landing – Full Pilot Credits

Knots Landing – Full Pilot Credits. Contains the Promo for the show just before the credits begin.

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25 Responses to “Knots Landing – Full Pilot Credits”

  1. pemalinowski says:

    is there anywhere to download the series

  2. zshaw7549 says:

    Since there is a new Dallas coming out next fall, I am hoping that they will come out with a remake of Knots Landing. But then again, nothing will be as good as the original series.

  3. beckigreen says:

    This is great! Good quality! Where did you find this?

  4. rees276 says:

    @kjames32209 Dynasty had the best music, but Charlies Angels was more interesting visually

  5. DaveyC95 says:

    OMG, Karen Allen! I think she is a brilliant actress and she was my favourite of the Indiana Jones female co-stars, she rocked as feisty, spunky Marion Ravenwood in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and she didn’t get enough air-time in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull..I did not like Cate Blanchett in that, she sucked..Joan Van Ark looks so pretty in that scene with Karen Allen, that plastic surgery she has had is awful.

  6. purecorkboy06 says:

    Best show ever!!!!

  7. Juliaflo says:

    @Mascro1977 Diddly-squat, that’s what.

  8. mishim100 says:

    @suecowser I’m currently having trouble accessing websites other than YouTube so I can’t do the research myself therefore please let me know which character(s) on Knotts Landing link the show to Dallas!

  9. suecowser says:

    @2002ibiza You are absolutely right! I loved her, and I would love her the same no matter how she looks, but today so many actors fall into the trap. We fans don’t care about a few wrinkles if your acting is good. We love the characters you portray, and Joan, you are still Valene to me!! Still beautiful.

  10. suecowser says:

    I remember this! Loved this show even more than Dallas! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Dallas, but when Knots came along, they really took night time soaps to the next level. I only wish I could find the series on DVD like I did Dallas. I would buy them all! Today!!

  11. REALSMG77 says:

    Knots Landing was one of my two favorite all-time TV shows. The second season theme was my favorite, a bit jazzier than the first season. Great saxophone. You can’t argue with the success of the show when Mack, et al was introduced, but my favorite character by far was Sid (Don Murray). I remember watching when he died during the operation, and I was pissed as hell, cursing the producers. Don Murray was awesome, and I just wish they could have brought him back as perhaps’s Sid’s brother.

  12. SoEightiesItHurts says:

    And now….

  13. Mascro1977 says:

    CBS had the three best dramas of the 80′s
    Knots, Dallas and Falcon Crest
    now what do they have?

  14. maryrobert80 says:

    I don’t care what anybody says, Knots Landing was the # 1 primetime soap ever to be broadcast on CBS… my mother and I never missed a single episode, we watced each and every single one and enjoyed it to the utmost as if we lived there with them.
    all I can say is “God Bless the entire cast” and Thank You all for being a part of our lives… I feel truely blessed to have watced you and welcome you into my living room every Thursday night “you’ve all done an outstanding job” and I Thank you!!!

  15. 2002ibiza says:

    I first saw Knots Landing when I was sixteen in 1981 and I was hooked. Hearing the theme tune sends me right back to those days. As loyal fans we need to support Joan Van Ark because it is evident she has become a victim of the Hollywood ‘stay young forever syndrome’. Her self worth shouldn’t depend on how she looks. She is a good actress and has a natural beauty. It’s okay to grow old

  16. jrmetmoi says:

    Joan Van Ark looks almost as plastic-y as Joan Rivers now! What is up with people named Joan?? ha ha haaaa xD

  17. wakygee says:

    I mean SIGH….LOL

  18. wakygee says:

    Life was so simple then…..

  19. purecorkboy06 says:

    I was born the day Knots first aired. Its my favourite show of all time!!!!

  20. 1clarinet1981 says:

    love the intro…and the dramatic announcement,
    AND NOW…

  21. radiodj1520 says:

    In This Clip, From 0:48 To 1:58, It Was “Knots Landing” Video Open From December 27, 1979.

  22. bette1908 says:

    @vidhead85 I don’t think Abby could have taken on Lucy.

  23. vidhead85 says:

    @bette1908 That would have been the tales of the master manipulators!

  24. bette1908 says:

    @vidhead85 I think they should have had Lucy on more, espescially when Gary had the affair with Abby. I would have loved to see some Abby/Lucy scenes.

  25. vidhead85 says:

    They really should make a special with both those couples and have the audience ask ?s about those two. they were my favorite prime time couples..My favd knots are Greg and Laura, Karen and Mack, and of course Abby and Gary! I have to say I didn’t like how they wasted Kenny and Ginger they could;ve done more with them but I guess they weren’t popular enough…anyone got any ideas why they left?

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