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ken ober and me on remote control

RIP Ken Ober!

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12 Responses to “ken ober and me on remote control”

  1. JohnKillrory says:

    Harry Chapin who sang cats in the cradle, looks just like Ken Ober
    I always thought that,so take a look for your self.Rip ken till we all meet again

  2. JohnKillrory says:

    Rip Ken and J.J. Jackson, One Of MTV’s First VJs, Dies At Age 62
    I saw the first MTV when it launched and the world of music television was changed forever. They have sold out to the way it used to be. we would sit all day and night on Fridays and Saturday a beer in one hand and a big bong in the other watching are favorite bands.we of the 80s had the colors and the video games and the best music.Times have taken a change for the worst as it was innocent time as I remember and good ones at that

  3. Ddog2k3 says:

    Man, Ken Ober was awesome. Im so sad that he’s gone, but ill always remember him and his game shows. Ken, we’ll miss you man.

  4. Hondo20132 says:

    how did you do on the craftmatic?

  5. emlsox4life says:

    Hey,Damo. Can you upload the entire episode if you can please?

  6. Gerkinstock says:

    I read his death was “sudden,” so it might have been a heart attack.

  7. betelman says:

    Ty for posting this. Remote Control was one of my favorite shows, back when MTV was good. Many a good time was had with my friends and i playing the game at home on my pc and watching Mr. Ober and Singing Along with Colin.


  8. rodney1279 says:

    Rest In Peace Ken. (1957-2009)

  9. WildBill6942 says:

    Peter Brady was a contestant on this show? LOL

  10. buddyboy75 says:

    I suspect we will start seeing more people like Ken taken from us too early as the MTV generation hits middle age. All that pot smoking and acid dropping they did back in the eighties and nineties is going to come back to them in the form of nasty lung and brain cancers,

  11. mrcelebrtie says:

    How he die?

  12. dirtyfrank81 says:

    i just heard about his death. i loved this show and i use to watch it all the time. i thought ken was great and really funny. we will miss you ken.

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