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Kay Starr Wheel Of Fortune

Kay Starr singing “Wheel of Fortune” on Wayne Newton’s TV Special “One More Time”. Kay is FABULOUS!
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25 Responses to “Kay Starr Wheel Of Fortune”

  1. frank47hammer says:

    @busessuck1 Maybe L.A. Confidential

  2. frymahhide1982 says:

    happy birthday Kay!

  3. sporttygurl says:

    hahhaha..lyric sound so greedy.

  4. videostunad says:

    Love this Song & any Starr son!

  5. finylvinyl66 says:

    They used the original recording in the excellent film
    “L.A. Confidential” – played the song all the way through!

  6. PublicRadioWorldWide says:

    The original recording of ”Wheel Of Fortune” by Kay Starr hit maintained the no. 1 position on the charts for nine consecutive weeks beginning the second week of March 1952.

  7. busessuck1 says:

    I can’t place from where i (an 18 yr old) would reember this from – proabaly a film…

  8. rockabillycat1954 says:

    classy lady, period. one of my favorite songs.

  9. 22479001 says:

    Used to listen to this in Neesoon Singapore in my National Service. 77 now. Great memories…..

  10. 73MarkIV says:

    I had the privilege meeting Miss Starr around 1992, and she was the kindest, most gracious host ever! We laughed and chatted about many things, and it was a dream come true! She can still belt out a song. Truly elegant, Miss Starr is truly a star! Thank you for this great post- I appreciate it.

  11. medialacer says:

    I remember singing this song as a child of the 50′s on one of those penny arcade record making machines. WOW! What memories. Always a great song! Thanks.

  12. medialacer says:

    Thank you so much for that information!

  13. OperaBuff1935 says:

    Memories! Kay Starr was one of those female vocalists I just loved as a teenager in high school and college, as well as my years in the military. Juke boxes in soda shoppes, the Student Union at the University of Maryland – Go Terps! :-) and in the PX at Fort Jackson, SC during my first 4 or 5 months. She, Kitty Kallen, Georgia Gibbs, Jaye P Morgan, Teresa Brewer – I loved them all. Some of them have passed on, but some are still living and hopefully having fun, even if they’re not singing.

  14. bobbmack says:

    Wayne & Kay : 2 amazing Native American singers

  15. paulostroff99 says:

    One of the best ever! Brava!

  16. twilson11208 says:

    Beautiful and petite, Kay was one giant ball of fire…amazing voice out of that diamond. Thank you beautiful lady for sharing your talent with the world.

  17. BlueKnightDuke says:

    MESMERIZING voice. What a NATURAL GIFT! I happened upon this song some where and I just had to look it up.

  18. ray123ification says:

    go on, all gun me down but she reminds me of johnie ray

  19. holdabaum says:

    pretty women nice voice

  20. Twisted19881 says:


  21. MountainQueen says:

    LOVE her voice, ugh! This is the first time I’ve seen her live, she’s really pretty!

  22. TV843 says:

    I first heard this song in the movie L.A. Confidential and fell in love with it. She has a great voice.

  23. llamalauren says:

    God I love her voice, its so unique!

  24. checkoutmyprofile says:

    An advanced Happy Birthday Kay! I know its two days early! 21 Jul, 1922, but have a gr8 one!
    Love your work!!

  25. MeghKrystyne says:

    i think 1952

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