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Kay Starr – Wheel Of Fortune – 1952 – HQ Video

Much better video quality. The audio is top notch, this is an actual 78 player with a new needle and the record is in good shape. Audio is fed into a professional grade balanced audio card raw, I do not process the sound so you’re hearing the record as it is :) This is actually a song we DON’T play (too old), but I thought a 78 would get things started off nicely! If you like the videos you see here then visit and click on Oldies to tune in and hear lots of great music! “Wheel of Fortune” is a popular song written by Bennie Benjamin and George David Weiss and published in 1952. It was popularized in 1952 by Kay Starr, and was also used as the theme to a television series of the same name.
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25 Responses to “Kay Starr – Wheel Of Fortune – 1952 – HQ Video”

  1. ShiningOne10 says:

    “While the wheel is spinning, spinning, spinning…” Lovely

  2. Attila709 says:

    I heard the ending of this on an old Happy Days episode and had to listen to the whole thing. Even someone like me, from the heavy metal era, can appreciate great music like this.

  3. amd77j says:

    This song captured my fav part of the film, “LA Confidential’.

  4. elpasot420 says:

    i played this record when i was a little boy back in Cowgill,Mo…

  5. videokeking2009 says:

    EBRO MUSIC TRIVIA: Billboard’s 1952 Top Hits

  6. jojopuppyfish says:

    Funny how this sounds better than my cd

  7. willhaggle says:


  8. konfusia82 says:


  9. JakeTheLittleLionMan says:

    Also in Shutter Island.

  10. JJWiski says:

    Great song. Elvis named Kay Starr as one of his favorite singers, and now I can see why. Great pipes and interpretive ability, and a great beauty, to boot! Was the lead vocal in the bridge double-tracked? I wouldn’t be surprised; Capitol was doing all kinds of neat stuff with Les Paul and Mary Ford at the same time.

  11. ali04455 says:

    Yeah! L.A. Cinfidential, what a film. what a soundtrack. This and acc en tuate the positive!

  12. countessyasmin says:

    Love this song – brings back many memories. Hey dad – I’m listening to your music now, and I love it!!

  13. anorak64 says:

    Brilliant…They don’t make ‘em like that no more!

  14. califinn says:

    I remember hearing this while watching The Right Stuff. Great song. One of the best from the old school.

  15. buckinbelm says:

    i first heard this song in that film let him have it the story about the christopher craig and derek bentley story, britains worst case of misscarriage of justice

  16. calebthomas28 says:

    @RainyDaysDownUnder same.

  17. OMEGAROB246 says:

    LA Confidential is freaking amazing =)

  18. JWARDable says:

    how such a rare treasure you have ! This is absolutly enjoying . I thank you a lot !

  19. RainyDaysDownUnder says:

    I wish I was alive in the ’50s and ’60s to experience the music, television, fashion, entertainment but instead I’m born into this generation :

  20. Katie6512 says:

    When this song was popular…I was11 years and in LOVE with the news boy. This song brings back those memories.

  21. Wobdifurousness says:

    I like this. It’s full of soul. Kay Starr didn’t just sing it; she expressed it with great feeling. She didn’t have anything like the studio sound-manufacturing support which modern performers had. In 1952, you needed to actually sing like Kay Starr if you wanted your voice on your record to sound like Kay Starr.

  22. pryncessleyla says:

    Before my time but I love this song. What a voice a beautiful voice. Would have loved to have been in this era. Also first heard this in L.A Confidential.

  23. pryncessleyla says:

    Before my time but I love this song. What a voice a beautiful voice. Would have loved to have been in this era.

  24. pryncessleyla says:

    Before my time but I love this song. What a voice a beautiful voice.

  25. Wolf251982 says:

    I remember this from the movie called L.A Confidential. Good Stuff.

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