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Kathy Lee Gifford on “Name That Tune”

David Letterman surprises Kathy Lee with a clip from “Name That Tune” during a 1992 interview. Note: I have this episode in my collection, but Dave’s copy is far better quality. Read more about Tom Kennedy and “Name That Tune” at

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21 Responses to “Kathy Lee Gifford on “Name That Tune””

  1. yahoopl3 says:

    @ibrabrn are you gay

  2. AdamNedeff says:

    @ibrabrn Or…she was…being…sarcastic.

  3. ibrabrn says:

    claims to have been 14 years old,BS you were 24,quit trying to shave off 10 yrs

  4. ebeatworld says:

    Every time I hear her, I always think of SNL.

  5. jwill5587 says:

    She used to annoy the hell out of me but I gotta admit she was kind of a nice piece back in her day.

  6. alwrig says:

    Hey, Kathie Lee, Dorothy Hamill called, she wants her haircut back!

  7. brainpoptart says:

    they all did! ha ha!

  8. w0bbl3r says:

    horrid isnt it?

  9. caats19 says:

    ugh. that rendition kills me.

  10. w0bbl3r says:

    wow, youre good

  11. Imwolfe2junior says:

    the song @ 1:20 was “good vibrations” correct?

  12. sam24jeff says:

    I can’t believe these women have an audience. Unless you like car crashes.

  13. COURTBERRYMELON113 says:

    i’m likeing the lala song very

  14. Juliaflo says:

    Pop quiz of pop quizzes–You’ll blast off if you name a contestant on the ORIGINAL Name That Tune?

    (Don’t be Buckeyed, now).

  15. garfieldUSA says:

    she regret leaving Reggis and Kathie show.

  16. mookindahouse says:

    she sorta looked like tennille from captain and tennille back then

  17. ceb129 says:

    u spelled her name wrong it’s kathie

  18. Tubewings says:

    You know anyone that has that parody episode of “Name That Tune” that was on a game show website some time back?

  19. DanielSelby1965 says:

    I guess you can sing on tune AND make a living at it the way she did? Give her a break she was just starting out.

  20. muscled57 says:

    Her voice still goes through my head like a knife. She should just talk, and DON’T SING!

  21. knicksfan89 says:

    I think this is from 93 not 92

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