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Kat and Zoe Slater – “You ain’t my mother!” – EastEnders – BBC

Famous and shocking scenes as Kat Slater, played by Jesse Wallace, reveals she is really the mother of ‘sister’ Zoe, played by Michelle Ryan. Classic moment from smash hit BBC soap opera, EastEnders. Do not forget to click to view in high high quality!
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Kat and Zoe Slater – “You ain’t my mother!” – EastEnders – BBC”

  1. EmileeTash says:

    what number episode was this? i wanna watch the episode after this. (:

  2. pidgeblev says:

    The greatest ending of all time of all soap.

  3. Vieles says:

    So. A typical episode of eastenders starts with some rubbish acting. It then begins to taper off until the break, where the episodes plot is fleshed out over the next ten minutes culimating in a second half full of rubbish acting.

  4. iCookiesHeart says:

    my gawwd!!1big mo has been around for AGEEEEES!!!

  5. XxlilyjxX says:

    this isnt an eastenders episode.. this is THE eastenders episode x

  6. iljn1988 says:

    Wow, forgot how gorgeous Kat was back in the day.

  7. DoctorWhoLover08 says:


    I know, it is so small now, there’s only Jean as the only official Slater

  8. EastendersGirlz says:

    That line will be remembered for years to come !!

  9. candycabs1 says:

    Wow you ain’t my mother yes I am lol

  10. badbunny1221 says:

    WOW I Got that samee feeling as if i just watched it :) <3

  11. open0Fire says:

    you cut out the doof doofa!

  12. MissShiv2010 says:

    @finsecker Oh, for Sonia? :o )

  13. MissShiv2010 says:

    Haha! I had the same reaction as I did when I saw it on telly. Hand to mouth.. Lol. Love this scene. “YES I AM!” :D


  14. A7XDom says:

    @larua333 lulwut?

  15. finsecker says:

    Makes me cry every time. We need this line in Neighbours (UK Schedule) at the moment.

  16. romz12356 says:

    This was a great moment:L

  17. rebelsoul05 says:

    “You ain’t my muvver”, “Yes I am!!!” – possibly the greatest lines in soap history!

  18. larua333 says:

    i am the bigst fan of eastenders i love it i am exsest with eastenders

  19. hotjt says:

    yes i agree quite the best ending yet

  20. Melster1998 says:

    I thought i was funny when i saw that ending. Its like you arent my mother then she is. hahaha.

  21. xxxEastendersFanxx says:

    i like this one of kat and zoe, but i hate the adverts at the begging plz take them off!

  22. TheUnreaI says:

    Zoey the only hot girl they ever had on that show :D

  23. tttaaarrriiiqqqp says:

    my favourite ending ever

  24. tttaaarrriiiqqqp says:

    @MadSkeelz16 LMAO

  25. BinweevilsCharice says:

    Kat Looks The Same Age Now >,<

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