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Karen Gillan talks about Physician Who on BBC Breakfast 2011 08 26

Karen Gillan talks about Doctor Who on BBC Breakfast 2011 08 26
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9 Responses to “Karen Gillan talks about Physician Who on BBC Breakfast 2011 08 26”

  1. vanGemertContrabas says:

    @danniegaskell Or she’s just really shy.

  2. Paralia11 says:

    Absolute high heels heaven. Love the way she wiggles her foot…

  3. CER3BRALhitman says:

    That interviewer is a moron. Doesn’t watch the show. Doesn’t think she would know the character relationships… Well you don’t say.

    Anyway… love Karen <3

  4. Jmcw1998 says:

    They should have an episode where everyone can only speak in rhyme and the Doctor Amy and Rory think it’s all funny until it starts to kill people…

  5. danniegaskell says:

    *im really pretty, so im not gonna look at you ugly people as i answer your questions…*

  6. danniegaskell says:

    “…just in life, yeah…”

  7. UrDanc3r says:

    and omg i love her shoes!!!!!!

  8. UrDanc3r says:

    i. love. you. karen.

  9. ZombieCheetah says:

    “We come in peace!”
    “When has that ever worked?”

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